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ZM.S-1/50 and ZM.S-1/75 during Operation Bastion
ZM.S-1/50 and ZM.S-1/75 during Operation Bastion
Designer Zhinapa Machina
Role Medium Tank
Weight 17 tonnes
Armor 70-20mm
Primary Armament 50mm Cannon
Secondary Armament none
Powerplant 7.8L V8 Diesel
Top Speed 30 km/h

The ZM.S-1 (Zhinapa Machina Sredniy) was designed as a countermeasure against the UNN T-No. 11. The 37mm semi automatic cannon had a devastating result on the main workhorse of the Novourova Liberta (NL) armed forces, the ZM.L-1/37, with its maximum armor thickness of 30mm. A more well armored and up-gunned battle tank was required in order to effectively repel the UNN invaders.

By 1412sy, the design of the ZM.S-1 chassis was approved and work started on a batch of prototypes. After a rushed testing phase, it entered mass production in September 1412.

ZM.S - 1/50[]

The ZM.S-1 was equipped with a new servo operated turret, carrying a long 50mm breach loaded cannon. The vehicle weighed 17 tonnes and was powered by a 7.8L V8 diesel engine, allowing it to travel at a maximum of 30 km/h. With the firepower of the 50mm cannon combined with a maximum of 70mm or armor, the tank fulfilled its purpose well, but it was not without flaws. The armor had certain weakspots, especially near the ammo compartment. Its new turret had a sloped underside with allowed deflected rounds to penetrate the thin roof, allowing direct access to the ammo and fuel storage.

To counter some of the flaws in the design of the ZM.S-1, the tank was outfitted with slabs of applique armor and armor skirts around the suspension and back of the turret.

ZM.S - 1/75[]

By 1415, both the UNN and NL had developed an effective 75mm anti tank weapon. The ZM.S-1/75 was one of the first vehicles to be equiped with the long 75 in a non rotating assembly, more as a field test than an actual production vehicle. It also received a 7.62mm machine gun turret in the front of the vehicle to counter infantry. It was a modestly effective tank destroyer, but only a handful of them were ever made and used in combat.

Rear view of the ZM.S-1/50 with improvised applique armor

Side view of the ZM.S-1/50