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Pair of ZM.G-1/75's
Pair of ZM.G-1/75's
Designer Zhinapa Machina
Role Heavy Tank
Weight 26 tonnes
Armor 80-50mm
Primary Armament 75mm Howitzer
Secondary Armament none
Powerplant 7.8L V8 Diesel
Top Speed 11 km/h

The ZM.G-1 (Zhinapa Machina Gustov) entered production in 1405sy and was the first tank in its class ever deployed by either the UNN or the NL during the Novourovan war. Armored fighting vehicles were a relatively new concept altogether, with roles varying from infantry suppression to anti armor. With the ongoing arms race between the UNN and countries of Podotsk, Minegorod and Zhinapa, Zhinapa Machina recognised the need for a vehicle that could attack the ever growing UNN defensive line head-on (if worst came to be), and create an opening for the main attack force. However, with the limitations of combustion engine and gearbox technology at the time this was no easy feat. The plan demanded a heavy, well armored vehicle with good off-road performance and an effective weapon against both fortifications and enemy armor.

ZM.G - 1/75[]

The ZM.G-1/75 project had a troublesome design and testing phase, and almost didn't see the light of day on multiple occasions. The most powerful powerplant at the time, the 7.8L V8 Diesel, could barely propel the vehicle at speeds over 10 km/h with the off-road characteristics that were desired. The fragile caterpillar tracks would often break while trying to turn on the move. To counter this problem, neutral steering technology was developed. However, this meant that the vehicle would only be able to turn from a standstil. Its turret (the same as would later be used on the ZM.S-1/50) had a weakspot where a deflected round from the lower slanted plate would penetrate the thin roof, killing the crew. This problem wasn't discovered until the vehicle was battle tested in late 1411, and was solved by welding an additional angled plate of armor in front of the turret. The armor was very effective against 37mm and even 50mm projectiles, but as the war between the UNN and NL progressed and more powerful weapons and ammunition were developed, it rapidly lost its effectiveness. The one redeeming feature of the ZM.G-1/75 was its weapon; the 75mm howitzer. The newly developed APHE rounds were devastating against both early armored vehicles and fortifications.

ZM.G-1/75 Side view

The ZM.G-1/75 was expensive and difficult to build and maintain, which resulted in only 85 of them ever being produced. The heavy tank had some successful deployments, but it suffered numerous losses as well (Most of them due to breakdowns in the field). In the end, the NL preferred mobility over armor and the production of the ZM.G-1/75 was terminated in 1414.