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J.A. ZA-3[]

A upgraded version of the ZA-2. It features a much larger turret and a much bigger armament on the same chassis.

ZA-3 standing ready
ZA-3 standing ready
Designer J.A.
Role Light Tank
Weight 8 Tonnes
Armor Hull 60(50)/40(+30)/20 Turret 40(+35)(+15)/40(+35)/40
Primary Armament 50mm Short Cannon
Secondary Armament 37mm Short Cannon
Powerplant 5.7L V8 Petrol Engine
Top Speed 35 KPH (22 MPH)


After J.A. finished producing the ZA-2, J.A. wanted to upgrade the old model into something more effective and relieable. After a week of testing and replacing the ZA-3 was made with much better improvements.


Having a bigger turret, spaced armor and cannons as armament, the ZA-3 is regarded a light tank.


The ZA-3 has a more improved engine, The old ZA-2 3.6L V6 Engine has been replaced with a 5.7L V8 engine, offering more speed and power. The armament has also been upgraded greatly. Having a 37MM Short cannon located in the hull, and a 50mm Short Cannon in the turret. The armor has also been improved greatly by the addition of spaced armor at the sides and turret.


Due the two cannons and small hull it has, the ZA-3 has a low ammo capacity, 20 AP shells for the 50mm short cannon and 19 HE shells for the 37mm short cannon. Due its short 37mm and 50mm cannons, its very weak against other tanks and it's armor is easily torn apart by medium and heavy tanks.


The ZA-3 has currently 3 variants

ZA-3, the standard model, featuring the 37mm and the 50mm short cannons and its 5.7L V8 engine.

ZA-3T, The turret has been made taller for extra stowage of rounds for the 50mm short cannon.

ZA-3TE, Same features at the ZA-2T, only the 50mm short barrel got extended.

ZA-3CM, CM standing for Competitive Model, having a removed 37mm hull cannon and replaced with added flat frontal armor plates.



GMod- ACF Tank Battle - Medium and Light Class 2v2

The ZA-3CM in action. The ZA-3 shows it's potentional in moving through small spaces and being able to flank well but it's armor and armament was useless compared to the medium it was facing.