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J.A. ZA-2[]

The ZA-2 is a grey and very small tankette designed for killing infantry or providing some additional firepower for the soldiers. It's concidered J.A.'s first tank on the market.

The ZA-2 displayed
The ZA-2 displayed
Designer J.A.
Role Light tankette
Weight 5 Tonnes
Armor 11(8)/8/9 Hull 19/14/10 Turret
Primary Armament 14.5MM Machinegun
Secondary Armament 7.62MM Machinegun
Powerplant 1.2L I3 Petrol Engine
Top Speed 10 KPH(5 MPH) On-road; 4 KPH (2 MPH) off-road


Generally a very small tankette, having a grey painting on it and being half the size of a average full-grown adult. The Tankette is very uncomferable to sit in. It also features a commander/gunner cupola for keeping surrounding awareness.

Technical information[]

  • Engine: 1.2L I3 Petrol Engine, generating 72 HP. Torque 95Nm. Powerband 3300 - 5400 RPM
  • Primary Armament: 14.5MM Machinegun AP-T
  • Secondary Armament: 7.62MM Machinegun AP-T
  • Ammunutions total: 2469 AP-T 7.62 Shells | 660 AP-T 14.5 Shells | Total = 3129 AP-T Shells
  • Overall armour: 8mm - 19mm


The original ZA-2's only advantage was it's extremely light chassis which made it possible to be easily transported. The upgraded model of the ZA-2; ZA-2U made it's speed. armament and armor greatly increased.


The original ZA-2 has poor speed, armor and armaments, this issue was so bad that serveral buyers started to discard the tanks and return them back. J.A. responded with developing a upgrade to solve these problems and came with the ZA-2U. The current issues of the ZA-2U is it's armament that is not fit for tank-to-tank combat and is still vurnable to most if not all tank guns. The ZA-2U's 20MM HMG has a heavy recoil on the turret and therefor J.A. recommends the users to fire the HMG in short bursts to avoid inaccurate fire.


Four models were released before getting replaced by the ZA-3

ZA-2, The original model, featuring it's little armour, engine and guns.

ZA-2U, Having a better engine, 20MM Heavy machinegun and slightly improved armour.

ZA-2UTD, Light Tank destroyer variant from the ZA-2U setup, features a open top and a 50mm cannon.

ZA-2.MAP , Mobile Artillery Platform. Holds a same chassis as the ZA-2UTD but

features a 80mm Mortar instead of the 50mm cannon.

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Designer J.A.
Role Light tankette
Weight 5.5 Tonnes
Armor 20(15)/15/17 Hull 18/18/18 Turret
Primary Armament 20MM Heavy Machine Gun
Secondary Armament none
Powerplant 3.6L V6 Petrol Engine
Top Speed 28 KPH(17MPH) On-road 15 KPH(9MPH) Off-road