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J.A. X-66[]

The X-66 is a heavy main-battle tank designed to break through defence lines through armor and firepower. It has a green painting scheme.

The X-66 standing showcased nearby gm_freespace_09_extended
The X-66 standing showcased nearby gm_freespace_09_extended
Designer J.A.
Role H-MBT (Heavy-Main.Battle.Tank)
Weight 94 Tonnes
Armor Hull 200/70/50

Turret 90/90/90

Primary Armament 120MM Autoloader
Secondary Armament 7.62 Coaxial MG
Powerplant 4x 20L I6 Diesel Engines
Top Speed 30 KPH On-road

10 KPH or slower off-road


After recieving bad feedback on the X-55, J.A. wanted to design a new tank capable of replacing the X-55. The chassis was chosen to be relevant to the X-55 and also wanting to create it's first MBT. The X-66 was made after running trials for it's firepower and armour.


The X-66 is a rather tall and large looking tank with a big and short looking turret. The turret itself is angled.


The X-66 has a good advantage when it comes to using it's frontal armor and a big gun to destroy medium and damage large tanks. The X-66 also has 52 APHE Shells loaded in a 120mm autoloader gun for long lasting combat. This tank also includes two internal armor plates at the sides of the ammo sortage to decrease the chance of shrapnel hitting the ammo crates at the sides.


The X-66 is an overall badly made tank like the X-55. With major issues as its engines sticking out the frontal armor and having very poor armor on the sides and back to be worthy of being called an MBT. Its gearbox is also sticking out as engines, fuel tank and the ammo crate sticks out it's belly. making a huge hazard once again for HE shells impacting at its belly like its predecessor, X-55.


Two models were released:


X-66, the original model featuring it's 120MM Autoloader and coaxial.


X-66B, the version which includes screens to check ammunition and if the gun was ready. Also featured a prototype 4-light damage indicators which often was very faulty.


Frontal view of the X-66

X-66 Side view

X-66 Back view

X-66B's information screen system. Notice the 4-point light system