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J.A. X-55AZ[]

The X-55AZ is a heavily upgraded version of the X-55.

The X-55AZ, ready for combat.
The X-55AZ, ready for combat.
Designer J.A.
Role Medium Tank Destroyer
Weight 51 Tonnes
Armor Hull 70(+100)/40(+60)/70(+60)

Turret 70(+40+35)/70(+60+55)/70(+50)

Primary Armament 100MM AL Cannon
Secondary Armament 7.62 Coaxial MG
Powerplant 4x 6.5L I6 Diesel Engines
Top Speed 30 KPH On-road 15 KPH Off-road


After it was confirmed that the original X-55 was unreliable to be effective as the X-66 wasn't fit for replacing. In 2015 J.A. started looking into its major problems and starting to fix it up to offer a better tank-destroyer. at a slightly higher cost.


The X-55AZ upgrades include:

- The electrical engine was replaced with x4 6.5 Liter I6 Diesel engines. Producing 870 Horsepower then the electrical engine's 236 Horsepower. Thus improving its speed and power greatly

- Additional armour blocks have been placed at the front, back and sides of the hull. The front armour blocks have been angled to provide more protection. Overall improving its protection greatly. Also a 2 layer armour has been added to the turret, the first layer consists of composite armour blocks as the second layer consists of two angled steel plates.

- Replacement of the 100mm Cannon which had to be manually loaded, the cannon features now an Autoloader system.

- The addition of a coaxial 7.62 Machine-gun to fend off infantry and lightly armoured vehicles and a 4 tube smoke-launcher system at the turret increases it's surviviability.


The X-55AZ has better armour and mobility then its predecessor, bringing in some places over 180mm of effective thickness. It also kept its lethality and has yet a addition of faster loading speeds and a slightly improved armour piercing shell (202mm Max. Penetration). It also brings out a new coaxial 7.62 then a separate-manned 12.7mm AA gun. And at last the X-55AV has a smoke-laying system brought by 4 smoke launcher tubes around the turret.


Due it's new autoloader system and compacting the shell layout in the hull, the X-55AZ has 24 shells to deliver than its predecessor (40 Shells) before needing to rearm. It's autoloader mechanism also adds a long reloading time once it's shot through its 8 shell magazine. Making it defenceless. The tank has also an external fuel barrel at the back linking it to the engines that makes it very vulnerable to the smallest arms fire.


The X-55AZ is a upgrade to the original X-55