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J.A. X-55[]

The X-55 is a medium-Tank Destroyer designed mainly for long range fighting.  It features a grey colour scheme, Long 100mm Barrel, Armour Piercing Rounds (Max. 193mm Pen.), and a 12.7mm AA Gun. It lacks however mobillity and armour.

The X-55 Showcased
The X-55 Showcased
Designer J.A.
Role Light Tank Destroyer
Weight 39T
Armor Hull 70/40/70 Turret 70/70/70
Primary Armament 100mm Cannon
Secondary Armament 12.7mm AA MG
Powerplant Medium Electrical Engine
Top Speed 11 KPH On-road

5 KPH or slower off-road


The X-53Bc

J.A. Industries wanted to develop a new type of tank, mainly having a strong gun. The prototype tank started out as the X-53Bc , however afther serveral tests it proved to be a ineffective match. After a week of re-thinking, the armament was changed to a 100mm Cannon for better combat against armour and a 12.7mm Machine gun for combat against both low-flying choppers and infantry. 

Characteristics []

The X-55 is overall a small grey tank with a noticeable long tank-cannon barrel, it features a 6-wheel track and has a rather flat front. It's rear however is sloped. 


 The X-55 has a overall small size, making it harder to spot. It features also a devastating 100mm Tank-Cannon capable of destroying medium and lights tanks with ease. It's features 2 boxes of 20 AP rounds, making it total of 40 AP rounds stored in the hull - plentiful enough for taking down at least 5 medium tanks. 


The X-55 is not greatly armoured, featuring a 70/40/70 Hull and a all-around 70mm thick turret. The ammo crates stick out of the belly, making it a rather huge hazard of HE shells impacting at it's belly. It's speed is not great, on flat surfaces it reaches up to 11 KPH and off-road even a lot slower. It cannot climb most hills and has a rather unsloped front. It's sides are very weak and the hull features the ammo storage, will likely cook-off when hit.


There are 4 variants (Excluding prototype).


 The prototype variant, featuring a 75mm Short Cannon and a 80mm Mortar cannon. 88 rounds of HEAT. Classified as a Calvary tank. Went never in production


 X-55 Original model, Featuring it's 100mm Cannon and 12.7mm AA gun. 70mm thickness all-around (except for the hull sides)


 X-55B, Fitted with additional armour plates around the turret. The hull however, has additional armour blocks to it's sides and front. Features also a Commander Cupola then a 12.7 MG



X-55C, Commander version. Same features as the X-55 but having two noticeable long antenna sticks


X55AZ, A upgrade on the existing X-55 Model to a more worthy version. upgrades include swapping the electrical engine with a better one, improving and fixing the hull and turret issues.