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J.A. X-155[]

The X-155 is one of the last tank models to roll out the X series production lines, having a rather low silhouette, a powerful 155mm howitzer cannon and a gas-turbine engine. It's also regarded as J.A's first tank to operate on a gas-turbine engine.

X-155 in full glory
X-155 in full glory
Designer J.A.
Role Tank Destroyer
Weight 55 Tonnes
Armor 90/85/75 Hull
Primary Armament 155mm Howitzer
Secondary Armament none
Powerplant Large Gas-turbine engine
Top Speed 20 KPH


J.A started to develop a tank that was based off the ISU-152. The prototype model had a 120mm cannon loaded with APHE-T rounds. This proven to be a rather light load-out for a tank-destroyer that has a powerful engine. The armament was changed to a 155MM Howitzer cannon loaded with AP-T.


The X-155 is a green, low silhouette tank-destroyer that features a long 155mm Howitzer.


The X-155 has a low profile, that being to being harder to spot. The X-155 has also a well sloped frontal that bounces incoming rounds mostly. Its 155mm Howitzer is deal to engage any tank with ease(excluding the reload time). Its gas-turbine engine also provides good power to move rather quickly.


Due using a gas-turbine engine, the X-155 needs to refuel after a amount of time. The X-155 has also a very limited ammo storage that is located in the frontal part and rather stuffed, meaning that any penetrating shot in the frontal part can lead to a deadly cook-off. The X-155 holds 6 rounds. It also lacks MG ports that makes it unable to fend itself off against infantry. The 155mm howitzer has also a rather slow reload.


There is currently 1 variant available.

X-155 - The original model featuring the 155mm howitzer and gas turbine engine.

X-140C - Fitted with a 140mm cannon and AP-T + HE-T Shells to engage both buildings and vehicles.


Front view

Back view