ACF-Vehicles Wiki
V.1 Waraziy I
Designer Sofa / Braczaya Navin Aero
Role Utility Helicopter
Status In Service
Theme Pseudohistorical (Cold War, Early)
Empty Weight 5000kg

The Waraziy I (warbler) is a single-engine, light utility helicopter produced by BN Aero and used extensively by the Robanian army and Air Force. As Sofa's first properly functioning helicopter, it makes use of Redreaper's flight E2. A light attack variant features 20mm heavy machine guns and rockets or wire-guided missiles.


One day, Sofa nicked Red's MPFC chip. He wanted a helicopter. So he made one, based off the Alouette III. The bubble cockpit was tricky, but eventually worked out thanks to proper application of VisClip.

Dumb Lore[]

The Waraziy I was developed through the early 540s, in response to the rising popularity of military helicopters. It entered service in 546, initially filling the role of a light cargo and medevac helicopter. Though poor armor had deemed it a poor choice for delivering troops into combat, later upgrades to engine protection and the addition of door-mounted machine guns would eventually put it into a troop transport role, while the addition of missiles and 20mm heavy machine guns yielded a light attack variant.

Waraziy sar.jpg

The Waraziy I has since gained popularity in the civilian market, and while still in use by military forces around the world for its reliability and low operating costs, Robania is pursuing a more modern successor with heightened survivability and carrying capacity.