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Vester Automotive AG (better known as Vester) is a German manufacturer of high-performance luxury vehicles, based in Gießen , Hesse , Germany . It was founded in 1986 by Elias Vester.



1989 Vester GT-300 Isabella

1993 Vester GT-300 Abigail

1994 Vester GP-1994

1996 Vester GS-010 Dragon

1999 Vester PT-1999 

2001 Vester GS-015 Minotaur

2006 Vester GS-020 Unicorn

2011 Vester GS-025 Chimera

2015 Vester RS-500 Daniela

2016 Vester GS-030 Siren

2016 Vester GTX-500 Wolverine

2018 Vester GTX-1000 Seraphina

2021 Vester GS-035 Mephistopheles

Naming conventions[]

Vester vehicles usually follow a basic naming scheme.

Inspired by Ferrari, these cars are named after their body style, engine power rounded to the nearest fifty, and given a female name to avoid confusion, should a car share the same amount of engine power as another one. For example, the Vester GT-500 Martina, not to be confused with the Vester GT-500 Olivia, is a GT model with a 478hp V8 engine.

  • GT (Grand Touring) denotes models with high performance.
  • CL (Cabriolet) models have roofs that are removable.
  • RS (Rennstrecke) models were made specifically to be track day vehicles. These cars are typically front-engine, two-seater, open-cockpit vehicles.
  • (Experimentell) is usually placed at the end of the prefix to denote concept vehicles.

Flagship vehicles, better known as the "Birthday Cars", are vehicles made to celerbate the company's anniversaries, and usually ignore the rules above. Instead, they are given the code "GS" (Geburtstag), the number indicating the company's age at the time of its production, and the name of a legendary  creature. For example: the Vester GS-035 Mephistopheles was made to celebrate the company's 35th anniversary.

Racecars also ignore those rules, following its own. These models are named after the series they are competing in and the year they were made.

  • GP (Großer Preis) denotes models made for Formula One .
  • PT (Prototyp) denotes models made for the 24 Hours of Le Mans .
  • (Silhouette) denotes modified versions of road cars exclusively for racing events such as Blancpain GT or Le Mans, usually placed at the end of road car prefixes (The Vester RS-500 becomes the Vester RSS-500).