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2nd Armored Battalion Official Emblem

Valerey's Spirited Seven is the unofficial nickname by which the 2nd armored battalion of the Novourova Liberta armed forces is most well known. The battalion is led by lieutenant-colonel Dominik Valerey and has 550 troops and 73 tanks and armored fighting vehicles at its disposal.


Dominik Valerey joined the Zhinapan military in 1401 at the age of 26. He quickly became a junior officer and was put in charge of his own platoon in June 1407 as part of the 1st armored battalion of Zhinapa. His platoon counted 25 troops and was in command of two ZM.L-1/37 light tanks. During the UNN invasion in 1411, Valerey was stationed on the far eastern shore of Zhinapa, guarding the coastal town of Georgiy. After the UNN crossed the borders, Valerey was repositioned to Podotsk where he aided in the defence against the invading forces. His platoon destroyed two UNN armored reconnaissance units.

Spirited Seven[]

The nickname spirited seven bears significance for several reasons. At the time of Valery's most notable achievements, he was in charge of seven armored vehicles, but the most prominent reason is because on the night of the 8th of August 1411, his platoon retook seven strategically important villages from the UNN in a single night. One of the tanks under his command was destroyed, but during the assault 15 UNN armored vehicles and over 80 troops were neutralized or captured. Valerey obtained an almost heroic status and was promoted to Major. He was put in charge of the 7th armored company as a tribute to his achievement and became a figurehead to the Novourova Liberta.

In the summer of 1415, Velery was promoted to Lieutenant colonel and received command of the 2nd armored battalion, commanding a total of 550 soldiers and 73 tanks and armored fighting vehicles.