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Hello there! I'm JakeCake and I am the creator of ACFvehicles wikia. For any questions be sure to check the F.A.Q. at the main page first. If there are any important questions or matters that needs to be discussed you can add me here. If you can't reach me on steam you can attempt to reach me on facepunch

I'm a general guy in ACF as I'm somewhat able to make below decent tanks and armoured vehicles sofar I don't have any good knowledge in suspensions and making airial and wheeled vehicles. I am also unable to code in E2 or LUA sadly. But I do enjoy to build tanks and I generally don't care if they blow up if a 50mm cannon pens their frontal. With modelling tanks it's a disaster for me, I do know how to make effective slopes on them but my tanks usually end up being blocky with some slopes though. If you want to find me in G-mod you can find me sometimes at the RealBuilders server.

My age is overall 15 but I have a decent amount of common sense and I even ran for a short time a HL2RP server. As you can see my english grammar and spelling isn't perfect in both here and my pages but I use online correctors and try my best overall. The country I live in is in the Netherlands.

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