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Novourov is a fictional continent situated north of the equator in the Belgearium Sea. The United Nation of Novourov is comprised of the countries Podoshchensk, Vladivets and parts of Podotsk and Minegorod. Zhinapa is also situated on the continent, but does not not recognise the Novourovian Government. A coalition of Zhinapa and part of Podotsk and Minegorod, known as Novourova Liberta have been at war with the United Nation of Nouvorov since 1411sy and currently control the South-Western half of the continent.

United Nation of Novourov

United Nation of Novourov flag

Capital Belovaya
Official Languages Novourova


Earliest Settlers[]

Novourov was first discovered in 865sy during the early years of transoceanic exoploration. With the technologies available at the time, the continent was three to four weeks of sailing to the West of the mainland of San Shie; the landmass closest to the island. The fleet that came across the uncharted island was comprised of four ships led by captain Iorveth Novoros, a Shiean military explorer. The earliest reports describe the island as the pearl of the Belgearium Sea. Captain Iorveth Novoros was so moved by the island's landscape, diverse wildlife and nature that instead of claiming the island in name of his country, San Shie, he decided to cut the ties with his homeland and settled on the island with the 1500 crew he had led up to that point. The fleet was presumed lost until the next group of explorers came across the island, 57 years later.

Imperial Age[]

By the 12th century, Novourov had grown to a thriving nation under rule of captain Iorveth Novoros and his successors. It had become an internationally recognised nation and many other nations sought to trade with Novourov for its many exotic resources. While the nation had grown large and prosperous, its ruling body remained relatively small and therefore vulnerable. Raiders and rivalling nations tried many times -though unsuccessfully- to overthrow the government and claim Novourov. The people demanded a clear and more effective chain of command. In 1126sy, Marcus Grouze was elected as Nouvorov's first emperor. Novourov was divided in 5 states (nowadays known as Podoshchensk, Vladivets, Minegorod, Zhinapa and Podotsk), each ruled by a viscount chosen by the emperor. The emperor himself ruled over Podoshchensk from the capital of Belovaya. Over the following 200 years the states would grow out to be independent nations with their own ruling bodies.

Annexation of Podoshchensk[]

Tensions rose between the nations of Novourov following the declaration of independence in 1328. The continent was very diverse in its resources. The most northern nations, Podoshchensk and Vladivets, had access to large quantities of crude oil which was in high demand at the time. Minegorod and Zhinapa's territory was rich in Iron and minerals, while Podotsk had access to very few natural resources at all. Trade had always been open during the Imperial age, but after declaring independence the nations of Novourov became more possessive of their resources. The decision by the government of Podoshchensk to cut back the oil supply to its neighbouring countries in 1357sy triggered a massive economical depression. In 1359 the nation of Podotsk (which was in a dire economical state at this point) mounted a surprise coup d'etat against Podoshchensk and successfully seized control. While the other nations of Novourov didn't support the coup directly, they too had suffered damage from the decision by Podoshchensk to cut back oil supply and did not take action to stop the annexation. Podoshchensk was ruled under martial law until control was finally released to a new democratically chosen government in 1364.

Unified Novourov[]

After the annexation of Podoshchensk, a certain degree of distrust remained among the people of the five countries of the continent. In order to solidify the fragile peace, the new government of Podoshchensk proposed to create a union of nations that would together control the entire continent. Representatives of all nations would together form a central government and control all economical and military assets. Vladivets and Podotsk were cautiously optimistic about the plan, but Zhinapa and Minegorod feared that putting all military assets in the hands of a single ruling body would leave the union too vulnerable to both external and internal threats. On the 5th of March 1381, Podoshchensk and Vladivets signed the Treaty of Belovaya, Named after the city from where emperor Marcus Grouze once ruled the continent, and together formed the beginning of the United Nation of Novourov (UNN). the governments of Podotsk and Minegorod organised a referendum in their respective countries to decide whether to join the union, but the outcome was negative. Zhinapa never held a democratic referendum and declined the offer to join the nation and surrender control of their military assets in doing so.

Shortly after signing the Treaty of Belovaya, the UNN began rapidly expanding their military arsenal. Both the naval and land based forces almost trippled in size over the course of two years. The three non affiliated countries saw this behaviour as a direct threat towards them. A show of force in order to coerce them into joining the UNN. In response, Podotsk, Minegorod and Zhinapa started expansion of their own military strength. An arms race ensued that lasted for well over 15 years until finally, in the winter of 1411sy, the UNN launched a surprise attack against Podotsk and Minegorod.

Annexation of Podotsk and Minegorod[]

On the night of the 14th of January 1411, the UNN launched an artillery offensive of unseen proportions on the Podotskian defences guarding the western border. This stretch of land is characterized by the rugged Doshi mountain ridge, which makes it hard to traverse especially during wintertime. The Podotskian army never anticipated an invasion at this place and time, so it was poorly defended. The offensive was a ruse by the UNN. By the time Podotsk had diverted its defences to the Doshi mountain ridge, the UNN broke through the now weakened line of defence near the three country point where Podotsk borders Minegorod. The UNN ground forces overwhelmed the Podotsk and Minegorod defences from behind. The remaining forces managed to retreat and regroup further inland, but had suffered major casualties and lost numerous important strategic locations. On the 21th of January 1411, Zhinapa and what remained of Podotsk and Minegorod formed the Novourova Liberta coalition and declared total war on the United Nation of Novourov.