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UH-10 'Buckler'
2015-08-22 00002.jpg
Designer Stalker Inc.
Role Utilitarian Helicopter
Weight 10 tonnes
Armor 5 - 20 mm
Armament 2x 12.7mm Machine Gun


The UH-10 Buckler is a small and agile utilitarian helicopter, mainly tasked with transporting troops from and to the battlefield. Like the AH-4D, the helicopter embodies an attempt to create a superior version of its externally designed predecessors. It can carry a maximum of 5 passengers, and can be fitted with up to two side-mounted 50cal machine guns, operated by the door gunners. It is equipped with a short range radar system, capable of picking up on the subtle signature of enemy foot soldiers. On some occasions, the UH-10 has been fitted with some light fixed weapons for attacking ground targets, though that role is mostly reserved to the AH-4D broadsword.



  • Small profile, combined with nimble flight characteristics, make this helicopter an excellent vehicle for extraction missions.
  • Highly versatile airframe that can be outfitted for ground attack missions.


  • Relatively weak armour, offering just enough protection to counter small arms fire.