Toyota MR2
Manufacturer Toyota
Designer Admiral Leviathan
Class Two-seat Coupe
Production 1984-1989
Weight 1147kg / 1.2 Tons
Layout MR
Powerplant 1.4L Inline-4 Special
Top Speed 74 MPH

The Toyota MR2 is a two-seat, mid engined sports car produced by the Japanese company Toyota. The MR2 saw three different generations; the first of which is featured here.

Build InformationEdit

The MR2 build was completed on the 11th of April, 2015. Compared to other vehicles made before it, the MR2's distinct lack of innovation or impressive performance was ofputting at first. If driven in a specific manner, the vehicle makes an effective track toy, although its low top speed limits its use in race events somewhat. It has participated in a handful of track days.

The 1.4L Special I4 delivers power to a 6-speed Gearbox that drives the back wheels. The placement of the engine, along with the gearbox, gives the weight of the car a rear bias; aiding stable cornering despite its RWD layout. However, if care is not taken when cornering, the rear end can lift and cause the car to spin out.

Design InformationEdit

The MR2 was Toyota's first affordable sports car intended for the public market. Originally produced in 1984, the MKI MR2 sold well even outside of Japan. The MKI used Toyota's 4AGE Inline-4 engine, borrowed from the AE86 Corolla. Later AW11-versions saw the introduction of a Supercharger and intercooler.


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