The Best Tank
The Best Tank, strutting its stuff.
Designer Seagoat #2ezy
Role Best Tank
Weight 121.1 tonnes
Armor 100 / 200 / 200 mm
Primary Armament x 1 203mm Howitzer, with 4407 rounds
Secondary Armament None needed
Powerplant x2 21-milliliter V12s
Top Speed Enough to get up this hill

The Best Tank is the best tank.

Development Edit

The Best Tank was conjured into being by the sheer will of its creator. It instantaneously made every other armored fighting vehicle obsolete and ushered in a new millennium of war and conquest.

Characteristics Edit

Advantages Edit

  • Innovative reversed armor scheme (heavy rear armor, weak front armor) to facilitate high-speed low-drag tactics
  • Single main cannon, fed by state-of-the-art Refill Crate Reloading, delivers devastating firepower to those foolish enough to engage it
  • State of the art HEAT ammunition with 427mm max penetration.
  • Use of 11 separate wheels on each side give The Best Tank unparalleled offroading ability. In the words of one tanker unlucky enough to face it, "[muffled noises of vomiting in mouth]".
  • Twin wide-open vents on rear of turret give crew both unobstructed visibility of rear sector and prevent dangerous build-up of propellant gasses in crew compartment
  • Large amount of unused internal space leaves room for future upgrades (as if it was possible to improve upon The Best Tank)
  • Weight of 4 full-size MBTs projects fear into the hearts of enemies and bridgebuilders alike

Disadvantages Edit

  • Tank often considered "too good" to fight against mere mortals

Production History Edit

Only Three of these behemoths of the battlefield is known to have been produced; The first and foremost is of which a mere prototype, it only preformed a test drive exercising its two 21 milliliter V12's in a hill climb scenario. The second was sacrificed in a cunning ploy to lull an enemy tank crew into a false sense of security by letting them destroy it with little to no effort. The third example escaped from the same tank crew by simulating a catastrophic ammunition explosion, mercifully sparing their foolish lives from its wrath.

Media Edit

-GMod- the best tank

-GMod- the best tank

Pictures and videos that survive an encounter with The Best Tank are rare. Only one clip is known to exist, showing some sort of gladiatorial tank combat against The Best Tank by two unsuspecting tankers who seem to have no idea what the vehicle is capable of.
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