TAURO 2A2 Edit

the tauro 2A2 is a future heavy tank designed for faster tanks battles in that time, it have equipped 3 guns, the main gun (140 mm), heavy machine gun and a decent autocannon(), the tauro 2a2 is too fast but it isnt good when it steers too close.

History and developmentEdit

Since 2027, the situation was critical, the invention of tanks faster, battles were happening very quickly, hence this tank appears, a super armored tank, perfect to make competition at that time. the tank was built in 2025, however, it wasnt used until 2026, when the faster tanks are attacking the sourth of New Sea. the tauro 2a2 was slow and light, and  it was destroyed every time, until a day, the tauro 2a2 was remake adding a auto cannon of 50 mm and increase speed. the tauro 2a2 is now a tank with high speeds and more guns and whatever tank will be destroyed with him.

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