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Tankette 1 in the Iberian Revolution

Designer: Workers of the Zalamanka no.1 Factory

Theme: World War 1

Role: Tankette

Weight: 2.4 tonnes

Armor: 13 - 6

Power Plant: 1200cc V-Twin Petrol Tractor engine

Armament: x1 7.62mm Machine Gun


Following the directives of the party and for the needs of the revolution, the Zalamanka factory managed to build a light tank to support the revolutionary troops in their struggle, using parts of tractors and other vehicles. The resulting vehicle was not much, but it allowed progress to be made at the front and earned the respect of both revolutionaries and government soldiers alike. Small, easy to build and fairly numerous, it was able to prevail on the battlefields.

It was so useful that when the war ended and the revolutionaries rose in victory, the measure to a counter-attack by other nations resulted in all Tankettes 1 that had survived the conflict being converted into anti-tank tanks by fitting them with a semi-automatic 25mm gun, in a desperate search for armoured vehicles.

Antitank version of the tankette 1 in the begginins of the WW2.