TG-66 Heavy Tank Edit

The TG-66 is a heavy tank designed to break through defensive lines with it's armor. The tank was aimed to act like a KV-1 tank.

Designer J.A.
Role Heavy tank
Weight 39T
Armor Hull 210/100/60 Turret 55/55/55
Primary Armament 75MM Short Cannon
Secondary Armament 7.62 Coaxial machinegun
Powerplant 22.0L V10 Multifuel Engine
Top Speed 18 KPH/ 11 MPH

Development Edit

The TG-66 is originally made with intentions to replace the ever-outdated TG-51. Three concepts within J.A. industries were submitted for the replacement. The first concept was the TG-66 itself, the original model featured a 100MM short cannon along with a 12.7MM AA machine gun and a 7.62 Coaxial machine gun. The armour values itself were 290/150/100 for the hull and 90/90/90 for the turret. The designation was TG-66p. However, this raised many issues, the two obvious ones was weight and mobility issues. Also the tank had only 7 rounds to fire due the hull restrictions. The original model was rebuild to allow more rounds and a better mobility while keeping it's armor, high in the frontal part. The 100MM cannon was replaced with a 75MM short cannon and the 12.7MM top AA MG was removed. The armor values were reduced heavily. The result was a decrease in weight and an increase in mobility. The rounds were increased to 33 AP-T shots.

Characteristics Edit

The TG-66 has a green painting scheme along with a 75mm short cannon and a turret that resembles somewhat to the KV-1. Furthermore the back of the hull is slightly bigger then the rest of the hull.

Advantages Edit

The TG-66 has a strong frontal armor which enables the tank to take multiple hits from 100MM and below caliber guns. It's mobility is fair enough on-road but has sometimes issues off-road. Ammo modules are protected by a frontal plate while the pod itself is covered both front and sides to reduce chances of a fatal shot killing the driver.

Disadvantages Edit

Having fragile sides and back, the TG-66 excels bad in urban enviroments and its 75mm short cannon has a decreased effectiveness on tanks with the same weight classes or above. The mobility also is restricted due the gearbox replaced from a 6-speed type to a CVT.

Variants Edit

The TG-66 wasn't accepted for replacement by the TG-51 and therefor had only two upgrade packages. (Excluding prototype)

  • TG-66p - Original tank concept, featured 100MM cannon, over 300mm frontal armour and a 22.0L V10 MF engine.
  • TG-66 - Downgraded version of the TG-66p, having a 75MM short cannon, and decreased armor. Retains original armor.
  • TG-66A - 75MM Short cannon replaced by a 75MM Autoloader cannon. 7.62 Coaxial MG removed.
  • TG-66E - Same armament and engine, recieved spaced armor to the hull sides and turret sides. Additional plating to the frontal part. Proposed to combat the issue in urban enviroments.

Media Edit


TG-66 sideview


TG-66A, notice the long barrel of the autoloader.

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