J.A. TG-51 Edit

The TG-51 is a multi-platform medium type tank mainly designed for combat at close and medium distances. It has a black painting-scheme and the chassis resembles somewhat to a Cromwell tank due its back exhaust

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TG-51 showcased at gm_freespace_13
Designer J.A.
Role Medium Combat Tank
Weight 29 Tonnes
Armor Hull 145/70/75 Turret 50/40(+25)/50
Primary Armament 75mm AL Cannon
Secondary Armament 14.5mm AA Top-gun
Powerplant x2 9.2L V12 Diesel Engines
Top Speed 50 KPH on-road, 30 KPH off-road

Development Edit

The TG-51 started actually out as an upgrade to the mock-up of the Cromwell tank hull. The hull was already done as it used for 9.2L V12 Engines creating approx. 690HP. The turret was replaced as the aiming mechanism (e2) was replaced with a better one. The prototype of the tank was called the C-51A. The C-51A featured a 75mm Cannon with HEAT shells along with a coaxial 12.7mm gun. Tests proved later that the 75mm with the HEAT shells was proven unreliable and ineffective against other equal tanks.

Characteristics Edit

Being an average looking tank with a black-painting scheme. It features a 75mm AL Autoloader Cannon and carries 56 APHE shells with a maximum penetration of 123mm and HE blast radius of 8.2 meters. It also carries a 14.5mm Machine gun against light-armoured helicopters or low flying planes.


Advantages Edit

Having powerful dual-engine that makes it able to go over off-road terrain quite smooth and on-road terrain fast. It's 75mm Autoloader is a perfect weapon to pound upon enemy tanks as it uses it's APHE shells. Its turret features a well-sloped frontal part along with a storage room for ammunition for the 14.5mm MG. As it's covered by two additional armour plates. The TG-51 has also two internal, non-ductile armoured plates on the ammo storage sides, each 45mm thick.

Disadvantages Edit

It's poorly armoured at the sides and back, (145/70/75mm Hull.) making it vulnerable to flanking attacks from the sides and back. It's 75mm AL Main gun has a clip size of 8 rounds, after the 8 rounds it needs to reload it's a magazine, making it also unable to defend itself while it reloads. The frontal part is non-sloped.

Variants Edit

The TG-51 has many variants due its hull having multi-platform capabilities.

  • C-51A, prototype version as it featured a 75mm Howitzer and a 12.7mm Hull machinegun. never went into production
  • TG-51, original model. Features it's 75mm AL and 14.5mm AA gun.
  • TG-51S, an urban-warfare model featuring a 100mm Short cannon, additional armour plates(Turret-type) with a ballistic coating(50mm).
  • TG-52AA, An Anti-Air variant of the TG-51. Featuring 2, 30mm Autocannons with HE shells. Upgraded turret-drive.
  • TG-51DR, Upgrade including added armor blocks on the front part, coaxial 7.62 MG.
  • TG-51R. Recovery vehicle, features two 20.0L I6 Diesel engines.
  • TG-51LU, One of the last upgrades before replacement by TG-70
  • TG-51B2, Mobile artillery platform.
  • TG-70, Follow-up of the TG-51.

TG-51S Edit

The TG-51S is an Urban warfare version of the TG-51, featuring additional external mounted armour on the sides and half on the front. It's designed to combat within urban environments. Its 100mm short cannon would be ideal to combat both tanks and buildings at close ranges and its 14.5mm Top turret gun would be also ideal for combat against infantry. However, the TG-51S is NOT designed for combat in open large fields where its 100mm short cannon would be inaccurate. This tank comes also with some cons; 3 more tonnes have been added due to the weight of the additional plates and new 100mm short cannon. Due the new weight the speed has been decreased greatly overall.

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The TG-51S, notice the plates and cannon
Designer J.A.
Role Urban Warfare Medium Tank.
Weight 32 Tonnes
Armor Hull 145(+50)/70(+50)/75 Turret 50/40(+25)/50
Primary Armament 100mm Short Cannon
Secondary Armament 14.5mm AA Top-gun
Powerplant x2 9.2L V12 Diesel Engines
Top Speed 30 KPH on-road, 25 KPH off-road

TG-52AA Edit

The TG-52AA is an SPAAG variant of the TG-51. Designed to combat against planes and helicopters. The 30mm dual autocannons with their HE shells makes it lethal to lightly to none armoured aerial vehicles. It also features a large radar dish to detect any aerial vehicles. The TG-52AA retained its original armour and speed.

TG-51DR Edit

An modified variant of the TG-51. Featuring a yellow scheme painting and additional frontal armour blocks. Designed to mainly use it's thick frontal armour to break through emeny defences and fighting in urban environments in a limited degree. DR stands for Desert Rat, a nickname given to the tank due its speed and color

TG-51R Edit

A recovery vehicle made to pull vehicles that are disabled, out of combat areas. The turret has been removed and the engines have been replaced to generate alot more HP to tow away tanks. It uses a simple mechanism that pulls the front of the tank up.

TG-51LU Edit

Designer J.A.
Role Main Battle Tank
Weight 52 Tons
Armor Hull 145(+60+40)/70(+60+50+60)/75 Turret 50(+70)
Primary Armament 100MM Tank Cannon
Secondary Armament 30MM HMG
Powerplant 2x 19.0L V8 Diesel Engines
Top Speed 15 MPH on-road, 10 MPH off road.
The TG-51LU was one of the last upgrades rolling out the factories, it featured mounted armor blocks (60mm RHA) with on top the armor blocks another armor plate (40mm), this has been applied all around the hull with the exception of the rear. The side armor blocks have two armor plates mounted on it in a form of an arrow. For firepower, it's 75mm Autoloader was swapped with a 100mm cannon, whichhad to be loaded manually. A 30MM HMG was used as a top coaxialfor the tank and the turret received an added compartment for ammo, which is stored in the turret and hull (previous TG-51's had it's ammo except for MG's stored in the hull.) Additional plating has also been done on the turret and top armor of the tank to increase toughness against aerialattacks. Disadvantages of this tank are still noticeable; rear end is the most vulnerable part, 30MM HMG fires in bursts and increased weight. Ammo Cookoff in the turret results mostly in destroying thehull top plate which makes it very vulnerable to aerial attacks.

TG-51B2 Edit

riginally intended to be a tank destroyer setup, considerations were being done and decided that it would carry a 122MM howitzer over the 120MM tank cannon, this however, raised questions about how it would survive a light/medium tanks flanking the tank. The answer was to install a remote controller smaller turret on the top of the tank, it features a 20mm autocannon against light armor and below and a 40mm grenade launcher against infantry.

TG-70 Edit

A follow-up to the TG-51. Being classified as a MBT(Main Battle Tank), the TG-70 is designed with the same multi-platform capabillities as the TG-51

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TG-51DR being prepared for combat.
Designer J.A.
Role Medium Assault Tank
Weight 33 Tonnes
Armor Hull 145(+55x2)/70/75 Turret 50(+50)/40(+25)/50
Primary Armament 75mm Autoloader Cannon
Secondary Armament 7.62 Coaxial Machine gun
Powerplant 2x 9.2L V12 Diesel Engines
Top Speed 35 KPH on-road, 25 KPH off-road

Media Edit

4000 screenshots 2015-04-15 00003

TG52AA, notice it's large radar dish.

GMod- ACF Tank Battle 2 - Medium 2v2

GMod- ACF Tank Battle 2 - Medium 2v2

TG-51 in action (skip to 1:39), the tank had taken out the first tank vanishing behind the buildings before flanking the second tank as it just got taken out.

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