Stalker Incorporated
Official Stalker Inc. logo
Founded 2015
Origin Europe
Founded, Lore 1947
Industry Military Hardware (Land, Sea and Air based)
Employees Unknown

Stalker Incorporated Edit

Stalker Incorporated is a fictional Gmod company that specialises in the design and construction of military vehicles.

History Edit

The company was founded shortly after the events of world war II, at the start of the Cold War period. The original objective was to serve as an independent reaction force and act as a middle-man in armed conflicts between two powers to prevent escalation on an international scale. To achieve this, the company needed military supremacy and no political ties to any country or alliance associated with the factions involved in the Cold War stand-off. A mining company in Scandinavia was bought up in utmost secrecy to secure a source of income, as well as a future source of resources for the development of a military branch. It was not until 1950 that the company accumulated enough funds to start their R&D branch, nowadays only known as SCT-0.

First conflict Edit

The first mass produced vehicles (a series of IFV's and utilitarian vehicles) barely made it through the testing phase before they saw their first action in the Korean War. The operation ended in a disaster, which resulted in the exposure of the existence of the company, as well as the loss of 50% of the deployed military hardware. Despite the defeat in the Korea theatre, many nations saw great potential in the military hardware and sought to strike a deal with the corporation. While unwilling to form an alliance, the company (which was at the brink of bankruptcy at this point) agreed to sell several designs and prototypes. The resources gained from this exchange were used in the mass production of the first medium (St.Type-21) and heavy (St.Type-31) armour series. The exchange also resulted in a significant change of the company's policy. From this point onward, technologically lesser models were sold to the highest bidder, while a new branch (SCT-X) focused on the development of superior hardware for exclusive use by Stalker Inc. in order to maintain military supremacy.

Military Hardware Edit

Over time Stalker Inc. produced a significant amount of military vehicles. The main focus was an armoured core, surrounded by land, sea and air-based support vehicles. Obsolete designs would be sold or, on some occasions, given away while being replaced with a new design for exclusive use by the company's private military force.

Light Armour: Edit

Medium Armour: Edit

Heavy Armour: Edit

Super-heavy Armour: Edit

Aerial Vehicles: Edit

Autonomous Vehicles: Edit

Builder's Notes Edit

All of the contraptions on this page are designed to be as low-prop as possible. All of them, including the aerial vehicles, are less than 100 props, don't use any visclips and feature minimal detail. I prefer to use vanilla building materials so I tend to stick with (former) phx builder props and hl2 props. With the exception of the aerial vehicles, all vehicles are ACF-powered. The armament and other systems are controlled by means of an e2. With the exception of the tank threads -- which are accomplished with an e2 made by RedReaper (great e2!) -- all e2's are written by me (Stalker). Feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding the contraptions, building, e2 or if you just want to say hi. None of these contraptions are available for download, anywhere.

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