Designer Stalker Inc.
Role Siege Tank
Weight 350 tonnes
Armor 350 / 250 / 200 mm
Primary Armament 2x 140mm Cannon
Secondary Armament 75mm Autoloader
Powerplant 2x 20.0L V12 Diesel
Top Speed 16 km/h

Development Edit

The Type-42 is an attempt at engineering an 'immortal' tank. With an armour thickness of at least 200mm all-round, this machine might be one of the most well armoured moving contraptions in existence. The armour is virtually impenetrable by all but the most powerful armour piercing rounds of any calibre. Its armament consists of no less than 2 140mm Cannons and a secondary, remote controlled 75mm autoloader turret. Its total mass adds up to a whopping 350 tonnes, which makes moving this tank around a logistical nightmare. However, once it does make its way to the battlefield, the damage it can sustain and deliver is considerable. Due to its speed and slow turret traverse speed, the tank is easily flanked, so it needs several lighter tanks to cover its advance.

Characteristics Edit

Advantages Edit

  • Formidable armour and armament.
  • Large ammo capacity.

Disadvantages Edit

  • Extremely slow.
  • Poor turn rate and turret traverse speed.
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