ACF-Vehicles Wiki
Designer Stalker Inc.
Role Self Propelled Gun (SPG)
Weight 119 tonnes
Armor 250 / 250 / 0 mm
Primary Armament 140mm Cannon
Secondary Armament none
Powerplant 2x 20.0L I6 Diesel
Top Speed 16 km/h


The St.Type-41 was designed as a mobile bunker, tasked with locking down a large perimeter from high grounds with its 140mm cannon. The vehicle was completely impenetrable from its front and sides, with an armour thickness of 250mm on all surfaces, combined with heavy sloping. The thick armour also meant that the vehicle was extremely heavy (119 tonnes) and extremely slow as a direct result. Its open back and roof made it an easy target for flanking, so it needed at least two heavy or medium tanks to guard the flanks. Even when properly supported; the tank destroyer was vulnerable to aerial attacks and enemy artillery. It wasn't long before engineers realised that the vehicle was entirely impractical, and abandoned the project. Only three prototypes were ever built, and only one ever saw combat.



  • Impenetrable armour on the front and sides.
  • Formidable cannon with over 200mm of penetration, even at long range.


  • Open back and roof, making it vulnerable to aerial attacks, flanking vehicles or infantry and artillery bombardment.
  • Low top speed.