ACF-Vehicles Wiki
Designer Stalker Inc.
Role Heavy Tank
Weight 77 tonnes
Armor 200 / 150 / 77 mm
Primary Armament 100mm Short Barrelled Cannon
Secondary Armament none
Powerplant 21.0L V12 Diesel
Top Speed 28 km/h


The St.Type-34 is a heavy, borderline super-heavy, battle tank, designed for the role as an anti-armour gun platform. While its predecessor, the Type-31performed admirably on the battlefield, there were several fields upon which it could be improved. The Type-34 features angled armour on all sides, and thick steel plating even in the rear of the chassis. Structural weaknesses such as viewports in the chassis of the tank were replaced by a periscope in the turret and hull. Like the Type-31 the powerplant consists of a single 21.0L V12 Diesel engine, however due to an improved powertrain setup it can achieve a slightly better top speed. Much like the German heavy tanks in the late WWII period, the Type-34 performs well on the battlefield but has issues with fuel consumption, maintenance, and is costly to produce. As a direct result only a handful are still in active service, for exclusive use by Stalker Inc.'s private military force.



  • Formidable armouring, making it almost impenetrable by anything up to 100-120mm AP munitions
  • Decent speed for a tank of its weight class


  • No secondary armament, ineffective in combat against infantry
  • Logistical issues due to the weight of the tank


For several overseas operations, Type-34 tanks have had some of their armour plating removed and replaced by lighter variants in exchange for better manoeuvrability and transportability. These variants were unofficially designated as the Type-34L, with a total mass of just under 60 tonnes.