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St.Type-25a variant
St.Type-25a variant
Designer Stalker Inc.
Role Medium Tank, Multi Role
Weight 37 tonnes
Armor 100 / 40 / 20 mm
Primary Armament 100mm Cannon
Secondary Armament 12.7mm Machine Gun
Powerplant 21.0L V12 Diesel
Top Speed 31 km/h


While Stalker Inc. possessed several Light and Heavy battle tanks, they did not yet have any in the medium armour category. The need for a versatile and fast tank resulted in the design of the Type-25. Due to its excellent testing results, theType-25 quickly joined the ranks in the Stalker Inc. private armed force as the main battle tank and is still in active service today. This vehicle favours speed over protection, but it has enough frontal armour to counter several direct hits from large calibre cannons. The long barrelled 100mm cannon offers immaculate accuracy and a high muzzle velocity, which makes the Type-25 both a capable sniper at long range and a tank capable of outflanking the enemy and engaging them at close range.



  • Excellent speed
  • Powerful weapon with High velocity APHE anti-tank munitions
  • Secondary armament to counter infantry
  • Stable chassis which results in good accuracy, even when on the move
  • Good turret traverse rate


  • Relatively weak armour on the sides and rear of the chassis



The Type-25a-2 is an upgraded and modernised version of the default Type-25a chassis. The vehicle received numerous upgrades, including a more efficient powertrain setup, compartmentalization of its inner components and a gunbarrel stabilisation system. Performance and survivability of the tank increased drastically without having to sacrifice any of its strengths. The modified chassis was designated as the Type-25a-2 and became default in the Type-25 medium tank series.


The Type-25b uses an unmodified Type-25a chassis, other than the addition of 2 slanted armoured plates to the sides of the upper glacis instead of the headlights, to cover up a shot trap. This modification was pushed through to the Type-25a as well and became standard. The turret is replaced by a mark II turret, fitted with a 100mm autoloader. The turret significantly increases the target profile of the tank, but with the added fire rate it can disable targets before they have a chance to return fire. The tank is also equipped with a remote controlled 20mm autocannon to counter enemy infantry.