ACF-Vehicles Wiki
Designer Stalker Inc.
Role Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV)
Weight 39 tonnes
Armor 100 / 55 / 50 mm
Primary Armament 120mm Mortar
Secondary Armament 12.7mm Machine Gun
Powerplant 19.0L V8 Diesel
Top Speed 33 km/h


The Type-24 is the modern equivalent of a battering ram. A siege tank designed for overwhelming enemy positions in close quarters combat. Its armament consists of a 120mm mortar, equipped with HE and Flechette Burst munitions, and a coaxial 12.7mm machine gun in the turret. While unfit for combat against armoured opponents, this armament makes the Type-24 a formidable weapon against enemy infantry and fortifications. With no real armour sloping to speak of, the chassis of the siege tank proved to be resilient against small arms but vulnerable to armour penetrating weapons. Therefore armoured skirts were later added to the sides of the chassis, as well as the back of the turret. The Type-24's role as an infantry vehicle ended when the Type-120entered service, but on rare occasions the Type-24 is still deployed as a siege weapon.



  • Formidable armament against enemy fortifications, unarmoured vehicles and infantry


  • Subpar motor and poor weight distribution in the turret resulted in difficulty aiming the weapon while on the move
  • Wide chassis of the tank makes it hard to manoeuvre in an urban environment