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St.Type-19a variant
St.Type-19a variant
Designer Stalker Inc.
Role Utilitarian
Weight 17 tonnes
Armor 38 / 25 / 25 mm
Primary Armament none
Secondary Armament none
Powerplant 15.0L I4 Diesel
Top Speed 30 km/h


The Type-19 is a heavily modified M113 armored personel carrier as fielded by the allied forces. After the M113's success in the vietnam theatre, Stalker Inc. adopted the design and modified it to fit their own needs. The base model features an armoured seating compartment, as well as a periscopic viewport and a large hatch on the roof. Various weapons could be mounted on the vehicle, up to and including a 20mm autocannon. Like the M113, the Type-19 proved to be a reliable and versatile vehicle. It had excellent manoeuvrability and off-road characteristics and enough armour to withstand small arms fire. The base model of the Type-19 is still in use today as Stalker Inc.'s main armoured personnel carrier.



  • Extremely versatile, allowing the Type-19 to be outfitted for numerous tasks.
  • Manoeuvrable and relatively fast.


  • Not capable of withstanding armour penetrating weapons.



The Type-19b is a command vehicle and field-radar unit, tasked with locating and coordinating attacks against enemy armoured units. It carries a medium-range radar on its roof that can be deployed once the vehicle is in a locked-down position. A weapon for self-defence cannot be mounted due to the space taken up by the radar unit, making the vehicle extremely vulnerable to any threat.


The C-variant is a minor modification of the default armoured personnel carrier variant. It carries a 120mm mortar installation in the (former) seating compartment that can be fired from the vehicle itself. The gunner is assisted by the 'shrike' ballistic computer, allowing him to target enemy installations or vehicles with pinpoint accuracy.