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St.Type-11a variant
St.Type-11a variant
Designer Stalker Inc.
Role Utility
Weight 13 Tonnes
Armor none
Primary Armament none
Secondary Armament none
Powerplant 7.8L V8 Diesel
Top Speed 60 km/h


The backbone of any military operation is a good line of supply. To achieve this, one of the first requirements for Stalker Inc's military materiel was a reliable transporter to move troops and supplies to and from the battlefield. The St.Type-11 was designed as a multifunctional transporter with a large cargo capacity. The rigidity of the suspension could easily be modified so the vehicle could carry loads well over its own empty weight. The truck was durable and easy to perform maintenance on. In addition, the St.Type-11 could carry several weapon emplacements in its cargo bed, such as a twin 37mm AA cannon or a quad 20mm machinegun turret.



  • Simple but extremely reliable design.
  • Large cargo capacity.
  • Spacious cargo bed, allowing for various weapon emplacements to be installed.
  • Good speed and excellent off-road characteristics.


  • Completely unarmoured, vulnerable to infantry, enemy armour and aerial attacks.



Due to the excellent powerplant and all-round performance of the truck, a halftrack variant was designed shortly after several successful deployments. The tracks improved off-road performance even further, and allowed for heavier weapons to be installed in the back. The design was dubbed the St.Type-11b, and came with a 75mm cannon by default. The 75mm was similar to the WWII german 88, in that it could be used both as anti air flak artillery and anti-tank weapon. The chassis was armoured with 30mm steel plating, improving its survivability. The modifications raised the total weight of the vehicle to just under 20 tonnes, with a top speed of 50 km/h.


The St.Type-11c was a modification of the half track variant, the Type-11b. In addition, it featured a missile rack with 4 60mm rocket launching platforms and the 'shrike' ballistic computer. It carried enough ordnance to bombard a target with pinpoint accuracy with up to 2 minutes of continuous fire. The total weight of the Type-11c was 28 tonnes.