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STT-89C is a Super-Heavy Tank designed by Niko1310. Three variants of the tank were built. STT stands for 'SverkhTyazhelyyTank' meaning 'SuperHeavyTank' in Russian. It was designed to be able to penetrate the armor of the opponents it usually faces (German Heavy Tanks) while still remaining nearly impenetrable itself.


At first, the idea was to build a large heavy tank with a powerful cannon and heavy armor, it was very basic. However, as the designing and building went on, the need for heavy armor rose, with German opponents using even heavier guns on their tanks. When the first prototype was ready, it could only take 2 HEAT shells from a 100mm gun. Then an idea of composite armor for the tank was created. The Composite Armor was made of classified materials developed from the past Soviet experiment ideas. The Armor was tested and proved extremely successful. In one of the armor testing experiments, the tank was put against a German 88mm KwK cannon. A total of 70 shells was fired at the frontal Turret Armor and side Hull Armor. HEAT and AP shells were used, the only effect they made, was removing the spaced armor and scratching the main plates. After the experiment, only the first half of the composite plates was damaged, with only the 56th and 68th shot penetrating to the Ammo Compartment.


One of the main characteristics about STT-89 is its armor. The Driver is protected by 20 plates of Rolled Homogenous Armor, High Hardness Steel and the Composite Armor. Despite being very heavy, it can go an average 20 kph with a 30kph top speed. It features a large 120mm Cannon with ammo able to penetrate nearly every target it usually faces.


  • Armor provides excellent protection
  • Main Gun able to penetrate up to 350mm of armor
  • Provides a lot of protection for the crew, as it was made with safety in mind
  • Lacks the weak spot at the Turret Ring


  • Very heavy and enormous, big target in the field
  • Still very slow, despite its powerful dual engine
  • Not very mobile, hard to steer
  • About 350 props, very laggy
  • Stuck in the prototype phase
  • It's literally a landship


STT-89 has 3 main variants that don't differ too much. The first two only saw two battles.

  • STT-89C, the first and main prototype. The 'C' stands for 'Cannon' since it's fitted with a 120mm Cannon.
  • STT-89SB, the second prototype. 'SB' stands for 'SmoothBore' since it's fitted with a 140mm SmoothBore Cannon. It has an unmanned turret, with the gunner sitting behind the driver. It can fire HEATFS ammo able to penetrate 210mm of armor, or APFSDS ammo able to penetrate up to 580mm of armor with 1545m/s muzzle velocity. The turret also has two 14.5mm coaxial machineguns.
  • STT-89SPG, the Self-Propelled Gun prototype. It's fitted with a 203mm Howitzer that can fire powerful HE ammo. The Turret does not have a mantlet, due to the works on the STT-89 tanks being halted when the SPG was being built.