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SAA-1 Sal
The artillerypiece
The artillerypiece
Designer Nucleana Armored Vehicles
Role Self-Propelled Artillery
Weight 17 tons
Armor 30mm all around
Primary Armament 1x 76mm Semi-Automatic cannon with 30+5 shots
Secondary Armament Whatever the crew ate last night - may be classified as a bioweapon.
Powerplant 1x 10.0L B6 Boxer engine
Top Speed 65kmh


The Semi-Automatic Artillery 1, nicknamed 'Sal', is one of the few home-brewed vehicles in Nucleana's armored forces. Developed to put the power of a full artillery barrage onto one chassis, the Sal is a devastating machine, and moreover is planned to replace the PzUng 7 'Pug' in the light field artillery support role.


Developed in response to an order placed for an autoloading artillery piece, the Sal boasts an upscaled anti-aircraft cannon loading massive 76mm high explosive shells in five-round clips. Able to fire a ranging shot and follow up with a full salvo of four shells immediately afterwards, the Sal is devastating to infantry and lightly armored vehicles alike, allowing for quick strikes of enemy supply lines with little warning. Holding enough ammunition for six full reloads plus one clip, the main downfall of the Sal is the paltry 30mm of armor, which covers the entire vehicle. Powered by an aircraft-grade B6 engine, the Sal has a very low-profile hull, with an open top design placing the crew at risk for enemy fire if spotted. Regardless, the capability of the gun combined with the very mobile chassis makes the Sal a very dangerous vehicle if allowed to go undetected.



  • Extremely mobile chassis
  • Very good off-road performance
  • Devastating gun with powerful HE ammunition
  • Decent armor protection for many internal parts


  • Very high center of gravity on account of the placement of the gun
  • Open top leaves little protection for the crew
  • Ammunition load is pure HE