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Rora Automtive[]

Rora Automotive started as a backwoods car modification shop which grew to the manufacturer it is today. Only a handful of cars have been made since the company was founded in 1967. The first car to roll of the assembly line at their plant in eastern Tennessee was the '68 606. This was the first car to be completed by the company from scratch. The companies earlier models were badge-engineered versions of other big name company models and platforms. Design of the companies lineup since '67 has been completely original. Innovative designs on their models include fully functioning turn signals, door ajar chimes, engine warning lights, adjustable suspension settings and working gear shifters. The company has quite a small clientele and only produce small numbers throughout the model year of the particular vehicle. Vehicle models range from small, light sports cars to large 8x8 heavy duty trucks. Rora Automotive has had it's hands in racing since inception and sponsors it's own racing team, Rora Racing Syndicate. RRS has had teams in rallying, drag racing, circuit racing and offroad competitions.


  • 606 - Current flagship model, RWD sports coupe
  • 606R - Flagship rally model, competition AWD/RWD
  • Switchblade -'60-'70s era muscle car
  • Switchblade - GT Limited production rally style muscle car
  • S14 Light Duty - SUV and truck chassis/Trophy Truck
  • D1200 Medium Duty - 4x4/4x2 truck chassis
  • D2400 Heavy Duty - 6x6 truck/Trial Truck
  • D8400 Super Duty - 8x8 truck/Trial Truck

Various other models were built but were simply badge engineered models of other larger companies.


The sole owner of Rora Automotive from the beginning until present has been Switchblade. Seemingly unaging since 1960, his family has been involved in motorsports and owned a small shop in their small town. He rebuilt engines of the cars that came through and soon realized his talent could be put to use. He was given a generous donation of money to start a modification shop and began "souping up" his clients cars. After this, he then realized that he could further his skills by making his own cars. Starting from a chassis that he built using an old schematic designed by the famous Big Adam, he began to build bodies onto these chassis and soon began building original body designs. From then on the company was believed to be run completely run by Switchblade. Cars were produced according to the order placed by a client and then shipped to customer.