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The 606 started out as a purpose built rally car with an All Wheel Drive layout but later moved to a Rear Wheel Drive layout. 606 models have all offered an inline-6 engine as either a standard or performance option. Newer models offered flat/boxer-6, inline-4, and inline-5 options as standards, but the 4.0l inline-6 option remains the performance exclusive option. Design influences are mainly from 1960s era British compact coupes, while the newer models are more from early 1990s Japanese sports coupes. Engines have ranged from discontinued ACF models to the current generation E2 Applytorque engine.

First Generation[]

The first generation 606 was designed with rally racing fully in mind. In fact, the model was intended to be a racing model only. Utilizing an ACF 2.2l inline-6, which at the time produced ~150 bhp, the car showed nothing impressive in terms of speed. However, the suspension used sophisticated suspension geometries and special increased angle caster steering to improve handling characteristics. For the time, All Wheel Drive layouts were the definitive platform for rallying vehicles and as such was used on the first generation vehicle.

Second Generation[]

Improving on the first generations performance, the second generation utilized a larger ACF inline-6(the medium one at the time). A track version was produced that had stiffened shocks and dampeners as well as stickier tires for increased traction around the bends. The main additions and changes to the car were to the front and rear portions including more cleverly placed light fixtures and a new type of metallic paint. This model was also All Wheel Drive and could easily corner the driving track on gm_carconstruct.

Third Generation[]

Since space requirements and continuing developments in proper scaling were increasing, the third generation model was completely overhauled. Body panels were changed drastically and the car featured pop-up style lights that were synonymous of early 90's, late 80's sports coupes. This was also the first generation to include an engine that was not an inline six. At the time ACF engines had produced a lineup of flat four and six engines to be used. Naturally, the lighter 2.8l Flat-6 was used in this model to further lighten the car's overall weight.

Fourth Generation[]

Aesthetic changes in the fourth generation model included larger wheels, removing pop-up headlights, hologram lights, and smoother body lines. This was also the first generation to offer an E2 applytorque engine that provided smoother power output compared to earlier ACF models. The E2 engine simulated an inline-6 comparable to current model ACF engines of the light/small category. However with controversial effects the fourth generation saw little competition. A competition oriented model dubbed the 606R was also released as a performance only model with little driver comfort options.

Fifth Generation(Current)[]

The current generation 606 sports the same coupe body style of past models but with modern styling to compete with other modern production level cars. Underneath, the layout of the suspension remains the same as past models, with the only addition being the gyroscopic steering E2 to increase handling potential. The body was drastically changed and influenced by 1990s Japanese sports coupes such as the Mazda Miata, Mazda RX7, Nissan Skyline, and Toyota Supra. A simulated turbocharged inline-5 engine came as standard along with a 6 speed transmission utilizing real world gear ratio values. The 606R model continued the tradition of little driver comfort offering only the steering wheel, gear shifter, and a compact gauge cluster. This model brought back the popular pop-up headlight design to model, which subsequently increased airflow around and over the car significantly.

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