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Republic of Robania

Robany Repoliko

Robania flag.png
Capital Pansk
Official languages Robanian
Ethnic Groups Sivak



Demonym Robanian



(This is a lore page for Robania. For Robanian-themed builds, see Sofa's Builds.)

Robania (Robanian: Robanya), officially the Republic of Robania (Robanian: Robany Repoliko) is a country in western Altirus, bordering the Westenlands to the east, Lusivakia to the north, and the Kartasian sea to the west. The country is bisected by the Pordski mountain range, resulting in ethnocultural dissonance in Robania's eastern, western, and central regions. The establishment of a Robanian state can be traced back to circa 200PC, when Goroly mountain clans comprising the Robanskoy Host ousted occupying Craenate lords east of the Pordski range, forming the Kingdom of Robanska. Later, competition with Sivak tribes over territories west of the mountains would establish Robania's current geographical borders. The Kingdom of Robanska was succeeded by the Commonwealth of Robana circa 180PI, in turn succeeded by the Robanian Republic circa 500PI.



The Goroly of modern Robania are believed to have originated from pre-Sivak splinter tribes that emigrated further east, eventually settling in the mountains. Historians have postulated that, at the time, the lower Pordski regions were ideal for hunting and gathering, but the reasoning for them to settle at inhospitable higher altitudes remains a subject of heated debate.

Unification and The War Downslope[]

Goroly history was poorly recorded before the establishment of the Kingdom of Robanska in 211PC. Before this time, the Goroly existed as scattered, semi-nomadic bands spread across the Pordski range, raiding caravans passing through the mountains, as well as settlements established nearby. Robania would only become a territorial entity after the unification of Goroly tribes under clan Roban, and the following campaign to conquer the west from the Craenate Empire. The campaign - which would be known as The War Downslope - would allow the united Goroly clans to expand their territory to the Vozst river, marking the border of the Kingdom of Robanska. Craenate incursions over the Vozst persisted for the better part of a century, until the Empire's adoption of a non-expansionist doctrine with The Decree of Vanterhaal.

The Kingdom of Robanska[]


The Kingdom of Robanska drew inspiration from the feudalist system that existed in the region under Craenate rule. However, in keeping with Goroly social structure, control of lands was given to families rather than individuals.

Near the end of the last century PC, rekindled expansionism under Emperor Kragen the Sunderer combined with waning Craenate influence to allow the Robanskoy to expand further outward.

Republic of Robania and the Lords' Uprising[]


It's Altirus' version of the early 20th century. King of Robania sees the world is moving past monarchies and he decides not to be king anymore, naming himself Head Chancellor and establishing a parliament around him and stripping power from the nobility. The nobility is kinda cheesed off by this. So Duchess Arynna Urczek rallies a bunch of angry lords and ladies to her side to make Robania a monarchy again. Except, not only did most of Robania's population kinda like this new republic gig and hate the nobility, but the Restorationist faction within the military was marginal. Therefore, Urczek and the Restorationists had to rely on foreign mercenaries and some support from the nations of eastern Altirus. The former kinda petered off when the nobles ran out of money, and the whole movement just kinda died when Urczek got herself killed in action. Though the whole international support thing kinda led to a later mess with Chergaria, after the Army found a couple Chergarian tanks in a barn held by Restorationists.

The Chergarian Invasion[]


Turns out, there were some guys out east who were really rooting for the Restorationists. One of them was Chergaria, a big, scary empire who had recently started making friends with other big, scary empires in order to challenge the big, scary empires out west, neighboring Robania. Robania had sort of become a point of contention between the eastern and western nations - The westerners wanted to make Robania an ally to act as a buffer zone against the east in case they tried anything funny, and the east wanted Robania on their side so they could threaten the western states with invasion if they tried anything funny. And as previously established, Robanins don't like monarchies, and the east just tried to support a monarchist coup, so they decided they didn't like the east. So, to keep the western states from creating their buffer zone, the east invaded Robania. It was mainly just Chergaria though, since they had some troops out west at the time.

Naturally this invasion doesn't go over well for Robania. The Chergarian army is pretty slow, but Robania is fairly small and ill-equipped and leadership isn't that competent. Luckily, sperglord-general Endri Larmos steps forward and tells the government to chill - they can get the western countries on the horn, he would take care of the Chergarians. So he reorganizes the army to conduct a hybrid of guerilla warfare and blitzkrieg tactics, stalling them long enough for foreign support from the west to arrive (who were pretty easy to convince, cos they don't want eastern armies right on their doorstep). Chergaria gets smashed as soon as they pass over that mountain range and have to retreat, ultimately out of the country. Neat.

Military Rule[]


Before the Chergarians got pushed out, however, the government had to take a breather to rethink how it was handling things. Big decisions regarding strategy and war production took too long to go through parliament, so the Ministry of Defense - led by Minister Konstanta Syrgony - pushed a bill to have it so war-related decisions were directly controlled by them. The bill was passed by parliament out of desperation. Problem was, since they were at war, one could argue that all matters of the state were war-related. So, the hastily-drafted, vaguely-worded bill acted as a vehicle for the Ministry of Defense (and by extention, Syrgony) to seize control of the government. Parliament was still allowed to veto certain decisions if they voted on it, but part of that bill made it so the Ministry of Defense had final say in who could or could not be allowed a seat in parliament due to the threat of spies and Chergarian sympathizers. That also included the creation of the Office of Civil Interest, whose job it was to root out either of those in the country's government and general population, meaning those who may not have been fans of the bill sorta disappeared after it passed.

The Westenland Wars[]


Illustrated examples of Robanian troops during the Westenlands Wars.

Chergaria had been pushed out of Robania, and now they were fighting a combined force from the west. Momentum was against them, and they had to reconsolidate to prepare for any threats on the home front, so they sued for a ceasefire with the west. The west had better things to do as well, such as help rebuild Robania and reinforce the frontier, so they were cool with it as long as Chergaria pulled out of the region. This included Robania's neighbor, Hetland, who Robania didn't like all that much because they took a lot of the coast from them. So as soon as Chergaria left, Robania invaded. Hetland's military was nothing to write home about, but they did have Chergarian weapons, which were kind of a big deal. However, Robania had General Larmos, and General Larmos had a plan - Ignore flanks, use relatively fast and maneuverable Robanian tanks to penetrate Hetic lines and gun straight for their targets. Thanks to that strategy, and unprepared defenders, Robania managed to conquer and annex Hetland. They wanted to make the Hetish think they were still autonomous, though, so they set up a puppet government to pretend to run the place while Robania took all their resources in order to modernize their military.



It's kinda small and they got mountains running through the middle and also some rivers and they have a bit of coastline but not much. Also since it's in northwestern Altirus it's p. cold sometimes.



The Republic of Robania, which exists today, technically started in like 500PI, but then the military took over for a while. Then they got BTFO near the end of the Westenlands Wars and now a parliamentary democracy runs the place, but properly this time. Mostly.

Political Dissonance[]

Some folks preferred the whole thinly-guised military dictatorship gig, tho, so the National Republic Party (who host rallies and yell at hippies in Pansk) and the Robanian National Front (who shoot people and blow things up) are tryna make it a thing again.




The Goroly practiced a form of spiritualism that basically said the sun was a big bonfire, and that people who do good stuff go up to tend it for eternity and it's all a pretty sweet gig. They also think that you have to burn or eat their bodies to send them there. Meanwhile if you bury them or leave em lying around they'll haunt your shit.

Iunno what Altirus' version of Abrahamic religions are yet but that's prolly the most common one they practice nowadays.