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"Explo" Recon Car in gm_bluehills

Designer: SP National Factories & Manufactures.

Theme: Cold War

Role: Reconnaissance

Weight: 9 tonnes

Armor: 23 - 12

Power Plant: 2.8 L Flat 6 Petrol SP Engine

Armament: x1 14.5mm Machine Gun, x1 7.62mm Machine Gun,

x2 40mm Somoke Grenade Launchers


The High Command of the SP send a request to all the factories of the republic to present a new prototipe of a reconnaissance light car under 10 tons, inmmune to 20mm heavy machine guns at mid/long range, 4 wheel drive, 4 wheel stiring, and capable of reach 45km/h.

The first prototipe had a very cramped interior and an unmanned turret with a single 20mm machine gun and around 10mm of armor. The engine was in the back, the ammo in the middle and the crew in the font, this distribution lead to a very bad suvivability. So, the distribution was changed, a modified manned turret from another tank was instaled, the power pant was moved to the front to increase the survivability and the ammo was moved to the bottom of the chasis. The 20mm machine gun was replaced for a 14.5mm machine gun and 7.62mm, and two smoke lunchers was added.


  • A new version was produced to provide anti-tank support for reconnaissance squadrons. The 8 version.
  • Another version was built from the chassis with the aim of creating a simple and cheap off-roader to give to the army.

Anti-Tank support version of the "explo" recon car

Simplified and cheap version