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Reconnaissance Heavy Armored Car "Perraco" patrolling in gm_fork

Designer: SP National Factories & Manufactures.

Theme: World War 2

Role: Heavy Reconnaissance

Weight: 22.5 tonnes

Armor: 35 - 12

Power Plant: 3.3 L V4 Diesel SP Engine

Armament: Turret: x1 50mm Machine Gun, x1 7.62mm Machine Gun, Co-driver: 14.5mm machine gun.


The large number of light anti-tank weapons made it a necessity to have a reconnaissance vehicle capable of withstanding heavy fire and being able to respond to any threat. To this end this vehicle was built, with its 35mm armour and short 50mm gun it was able to withstand any threat. Because of these characteristics it can also be used in a light tank role although it is not very manoeuvrable and can easily get stuck in difficult terrain.