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PzUng 9 'Nora'
The PzUng 7 and 7A
The PzUng 7 and 7A
Designer Nucleana Armored Vehicles
Role Armor recovery/Heavy Artillery
Weight 9.6 tons unloaded, 9A - 20.6 tons
Armor Naff all/20mm on the ammo (9A)
Primary Armament 1x 155mm Howitzer (9A), Driver's index and middle fingers (PzUng 9)
Secondary Armament Driver's index and middle fingers (PzUng 9A)
Powerplant 1x 23.0-liter V12 Petrol
Top Speed 60kmh


The Panzerunterstützung (Armor support) 9 half-track is another staple of Nucleana's Armored Forces' motor pools, albeit a bit less ubiquitous as the similar PzUng 7 'Pug' half-track. Known widely as the 'Nora' for its Nucleana Ordinance Recovery/Artillery designation, like the Pug it was developed from a similar half-track widely used by the German nation during the second great war.


Much like the Pug, the Nora is capable of traversing a wide variety of ground conditions with exceptional speed, thanks in no small part to the massive 23-liter petrol engine. Mainly designed as an armor recovery vehicle, the 9.6-ton Nora is capable of pulling an impressive 60 physical tons from a dead stop, allowing it to pull most all of Nucleana's various fighting vehicles. The large bed allows for it to also serve as one of Nucleana's heaviest self-propelled artillery pieces, mounting a massive 155mm howitzer.



  • Massive towing power, capable of retrieving the heaviest of tanks
  • Wide cargo bed allows for large loads
  • Plenty of grunt in the engine for maneuvering across difficult terrain
  • Very mobile design for such a massive vehicle


  • Easily spotted from the air
  • Very little armor protection compared to the PzUng 7
  • Artillery variant requires the gun to be in a stowed position in order to move


PzUng 9A[]

Panzerunterstützung 9 Artillerie - heavy artillery variant, mounting a 155mm howitzer. Massive, deadly, and not something you want to be caught on the wrong end of.