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PzUng 7 'Pug'
All modifications of the PzUng 7
All modifications of the PzUng 7
Designer Nucleana Armored Vehicles
Role Logistics/Light Artillery
Weight 7 tons unloaded, 7A - 11.4 tons, 7N - 10.6 tons
Armor 20mm RHA
Primary Armament 1x 75mm howitzer (PzUng 7A), Driver's index and middle fingers (PzUng 7/7N)
Secondary Armament Driver's index and middle fingers (PzUng 7A)
Powerplant 1x 9.0L V8 petrol
Top Speed 65kmh


The Panzerunterstützung (Armor support) 7 half-track is a staple of the Nucleana Armored Forces, obtained as surplus from the German nation following the second great war. Filling a variety of roles, the 'Pug' as it's affectionately known in motor pools serves as the main logistics backbone of all of Nucleana's military forces, found wherever the small fleet of strange tanks Nucleana has developed go.


Able to traverse a variety of ground conditions at decent speeds, the 7-ton Pug is used in such roles as light artillery, fuel and ammunition replenishment, and troop transport, the 20mm thick steel body offering protection from most small arms fire in most situations. Most often the Pug is utilized in the ammunition replenishment role, with artillery coming in at a close second, due to the low survivability of the vehicles when under direct fire.



  • Reliable and mobile design
  • Good off-road performance
  • Large cargo bed for hauling stuff
  • Capable of filling a large variety of various roles
  • Decent all-around armor compared to contemporary designs


  • Low survivability when under direct fire
  • Limited maximum tonnage for towing and carrying
  • Little protection for the crew when in combat


PzUng 7A[]

Panzerunterstützung 7 Artillerie - artillery variant, mounting a 75mm howitzer for a main gun. Optional removable canopy for operations in various climates.

PzUng 7N[]

Panzerunterstützung 7 Nützlichkeit - logistics and supply variant, carrying several large drums of fuel in the back as well as a small ammunition refill crate. When questioned about the physics behind the strange 6x6x12 crate capable of resupplying ammunition in calibers ranging from 7.62mm to 203mm with no fuss, the spokesperson for the logistics branch of Nucleana replied with a frustrated grunt and an exclamation of 'pony magic'.

Of note is the fact that the Pug 7N is the only vehicle in the Nucleana fleet that mounts the strange 'refill crate'. When reached for questioning of why, the main armor designers of Nucleana responded with a disgruntled answer of 'because balance', and then stormed off grumbling about HEAT-spam.