Protochronia Automotive
Founded 2015
Origin the Netherlands
Founded, Lore 1946
Industry Automobiles
Employees 15

Protochronia Automotive

It all started with one man.

Karel Buis was born in 1922 in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. At a young age he discovered he liked cars, and everything about it. This resulted in him going to Engineering School, in England. This is where he met Alec Baker, who also just started his study. Karel and Alec graduated in 1938, at this point they decided to start a business. Alec whom was better at designing was going to carry the name of the company. Resulting in the birth of Alec Baker Coachworks. Karel helped with the production of the ABC Sagem and the ABC Fultive. He departed the company after 6 years.

Karel travelled back to the Netherlands and decided to begin his own company in 1946, just after the end of the second World War. He named the company Protochronia Automotive. Karel started working on a design of a fast coupe, named Project H-103. He executed his plan at the end of 1949, though this ultimately failed, because of malfunctions with the engine and driveshaft. Thus the company went bankrupt in 1951.

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