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J.A. PX-252

The PX-252 is a super-heavy tank destroyer with the intentions to carry both firepower and armor. However, the PX-252 has never left the prototype stage due weight and mobility issues.

The PX-251T, the only picture ever taken from the prototype tank.
The PX-251T, the only picture ever taken from the prototype tank.
Designer J.A.
Role Super heavy Tank Destroyer
Weight T Model: 103 Tons A Model: 83 Tons.
Armor T Model: 215/135/80 A Model: 150/100/60
Primary Armament T Model: 203MM Howitzer A- Model: 120MM Tank Cannon
Secondary Armament T Model: None A Model: 50MM Short Tank Cannon
Powerplant T Model: x2 20.0L I6 Diesel Engines A Model: x3 23.0L V12 Diesel engines
Top Speed T Model: 0 MPH A Model: 7 MPH


Originally designed to carry the 203MM Howitzer in the purpose of being a siege weapon. The first model, classified as the PX-251T had over 215mm armor and carried the 203MM Howitzer, however this resulted in an overweight: 103 Tons and was unable to move at all. The second prototype, PX-252A, was heavily stripped of itsarmor and received a 120mm cannon with a 50mm short cannon instead and Three 23.0L V12 Petrol engines with fuel. The result was still poor, it had a very slow movement and slower turning rate, it was easily outflanked and its rear has a vulnerable spot which can be shot off and then shot into the compartment with the ammo.


Having a rather very sloped front, spherical gun mantlet, and having grey coating(A Model only), track gaurds, it features nothing more then mentioned on the outside, the inside however is very large. Being able to store alot of rounds and the crew having enough room.


Since it's a prototype, the only "advantages" where it's frontal armorbeing resistant to most, if not all cannons fired at it.


Being rather large and very slow, the PX-252 can be easily outflanked and shot in the rear, its mobility is terrible and features no defenses against flanking infantry. It has a vulnerable, weak spot in the rear which can be easily shot off and then shells can be fired into the compartment.


Due being only a prototype-stage tank, it has only two models.

PX-251T, First model of the two, featured a 203MM howitzer and over 215MM armor.

PX-252A, The second model, featured a 120MM tank cannon and a 50mm short cannon, grey coating.

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