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Oslan class corvette
Designer Sofa
Manufacturer National Shipyard and Marine Arms, Zubroyan
Type Patrol Corvette
Displacement 700 tonnes, full war load
Length 46m (151ft)
Draft 2.5m (8.2ft)
Armament (Guns it's got on it) x2 XX inch cannons, x4 XXmm anti-aircraft guns
Propulsion Triple expansion, 2 shafts (lore)
Speed 13 kts

The Oslan class corvette is a small corvette / patrol craft used by the Robanian Navy and Merchant Reserve Fleet.


Made as little more than a modeling project with some tentative functionality slapped on as an afterthought, the Oslan has no real business in multiplayer due to its high propcount, unwieldy armament arrangement, and amateurish construction. Nevertheless, despite being in serious need of refinement, its two 155mm howitzers, four 100mm cannons, and trio of 20mm heavy-machine gun turrets make her practically a battleship by Garry's Mod standards, with capacity to carry out shore bombardment, anti-ship, and anti-air duties. She'd be downright dead meat if someone comes up with ACF torpedoes, however.

Dumb Lore[]


Though Robania was a notable naval power in the Kartasian Sea during the 3rd and 4th centuries PI, the Surbaw treaty of 432 signed over swaths of territory to the aspiring powers that would become their neighbors, choking their coastline to its present size as of 528. However, they were able to maintain significant maritime commerce and fisheries into the 5th century, despite the coastal bottleneck. Although the navy had been decommissioned, a modest fleet of warships- the Merchant Reserve Navy- was formed under the Ministry of Revenue to protect their merchant ships, as well as Robania's own coastline and humble maritime dominion.


With the treaty's dissolution and the rise of the Commonwealth and the Alliance going into the 6th century, the MRN's collection of old sailing steamers was in need of replacement. The Oslan class of revenue corvettes were designed by the National Shipyard as well-armed, low-draft patrol vessels, and entered service at the brink of the invasion of 524, by which time three had left drydock. Two of them- the RMNS Portavin and the Oslan herself- were sunk during a Chergarian bombing run on Zubroyan. The third- the RMNS Kyravos- was sunk by dive bombers whilst providing artillery fire during the Battle of Urvan, making her the only ship to see action in Robania. All three would later be salvaged, with more ships of her class produced over the ensuing years, though seeing little action through the era thanks to Robania's limited involvement in the Kartasian Sea.