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TD-7 Tank Destroyer
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Designer Nucleana Royal Armored Corps
Role Fast self-propelled anti-tank gun
Weight 7 tons
Armor 35/30/30mm RHA
Primary Armament ROQF 6-pounder Anti-Tank Gun
Secondary Armament 7.62mm Hiram Repeater
Powerplant 3.1-Liter I4 Diesel
Top Speed 24km/h


The TD-7 Tank Destroyer was developed as a stopgap measure by the Nucleana RACVDC to field their newer and more powerful 6-pounder Anti-Tank gun on the widely-available chassis of the Nucleana T-8 Infantry tank. This was achieved by mounting the long-barreled cannon in place of the hull-mounted machine gun and removing the turret and top of the tank, instead moving the 7.62mm Hiram Repeater to a pintle mounting on the centerline of the tank. This allows the TD-7 to have an extremely low profile while carrying a very potent gun, and along with it 21 high velocity APHE shells. It does have a regrettably narrow traverse arc on account of it's unconventional mounting position, but it is wide enough to afford it a very sizable firing arc for long-range armor killing.


The TD-7 was developed at the same time as the A-8 Self-Propelled Field Gun, with the intent of satisfying anti-armor duties while plans for the T-16 Medium were still underway. The long barrel of the 6-pounder gun allows it very good anti-armor capabilities compared to the 4-pounder and 15-pounder Avalanche Guns, and the pintle-mounted machine gun satisfies anti-infantry needs. The TD-7 is primarily used as an ambush anti-tank vehicle, parked on a street corner out of sight where enemy armor can be funneled to and then picked apart, before the TD-7 retreats to a different position. The anti-armor capabilities of the 6-pounder also allow it to be used in the anti-fortification role to a small degree, punching through armored windows and making mincemeat of the bunker occupants.



  • Very good anti-tank gun with very devastating ammunition
  • Decently mobile and steady chassis
  • Decent armor for an anti-tank gun
  • Functional pintle-mount machine gun
  • Offset gun allows for shots around corners without exposing much of the vehicle


  • Very low top speed
  • Open-top and exposed ammo racks allows for issues when infantry get around it
  • A limited traverse arc
  • Very long and unweildy gun for such a short chassis