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T-8 Infantry
Gm redrock0015.jpg
Designer Nucleana Royal Armored Corps
Role Light Anti-Fortification Tank
Weight 8 tons
Armor 35/30/30mm RHA with 20mm on top
Primary Armament ROQF 4-pounder AT gun, 50mm
Secondary Armament 7.62mm Hiram Repeater
Powerplant 3.1-Liter I4 Diesel
Top Speed 24km/h


The T-8 Infantry tank was a development by the Nucleana Royal Armored Corps vehicle development committee after the first great war proved the validity of the tank concept. Conceived as a light breakthrough vehicle for destroying enemy machine gun nests and fortifications on the front lines, the armor is adequate enough to shrug off many large-caliber rifle shots, and some light anti-tank munitions. The trench tail allows it to push across no-man's-land without getting stuck despite the slower speed compared to the Nucleana T-5 Cavalry Tank.


The T-8 Infantry, as the name suggests, is designed to provide a mobile and reliable light anti-fortification platform for infantry forces. The 50mm ROQF 4-pounder gun carries good anti-armor capabilities in the form of its Armor-Piercing High Explosive shell, capable of defeating most contemporary tanks. Sharing the chassis of the lighter T-5, the T-8 can drive through wider trenches with ease, laying down machine gun and high-explosive fire all the while.



  • Small size and decent off-road handling
  • Powerful 4-pounder gun
  • Decent armor for such a small vehicle


  • Low top speed
  • Poor turret traverse
  • Vulnerable to concealed anti-tank guns


All modifications of the T-8 chassis were used to tow the 4-pounder and 15-pounder Avalanche Guns cross-country, the T-8 Artillery Tug being the primary mode of transport due to the prior inclusion of a modest ammunition supply to supplement the guns.

T-6 Turtle - Armored scout, carries a 7.7 Hiram Repeater and 3 gas canister launchers.

T-8 Artillery Tug - Armored towed artillery mover, carries ammunition for the guns.

T-8 Munitions Carrier - Dedicated armored shell carrier, designed to support the M-24 Heavy Siege Mortar.