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T-5 Cavalry
Gm redrock0021.jpg
Designer Nucleana Royal Armored Corps
Role Light Fast Cavalry tank
Weight 5 tons
Armor 25/13/13mm RHA with 8mm on top
Primary Armament 20mm Heavy Hiram Repeater
Secondary Armament 7.62mm Hiram Repeater
Powerplant 11.0-Liter Radial Petrol
Top Speed 49km/h


The T-5 Cavalry tank was a development by the Nucleana Royal Armored Corps vehicle development committee after the first great war proved the validity of the tank concept. A modification of the Nucleana T-8 design, the I4 diesel engine was replaced with a 7-cylinder petrol radial, and the armor thickness was dropped rather dramatically to make the machine as light and subsequently as fast as possible, able to speed across trenches and penetrate deeply into the front, raising hell all the while.


Being a cavalry tank, the T-5 is a very fast little monster, with armor capable of shrugging off most light rifle fire and not much else. The 20mm Heavy Hiram Repeater offers it modest anti-armor capabilities of its own, enough to cause havoc in ammunition supply areas or artillery nests behind the front. The small size also allows it to drive straight through wider trenches, and the powerful 228 HP radial engine allows it to climb rather steep slopes as well.



  • Extremely light and fast, 45.6 HP/ton
  • High rate of fire on both the main 20mm gun and 7.62mm coaxial
  • Very small size


  • Very thin armor
  • Bogey suspension means very poor handling on rough ground at speed
  • Poor armor penetration on the main gun
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