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T-4 Mountaineering
Gm islandrain v30035.jpg
Designer Nucleana Royal Armored Corps
Role Golf Course clearing/Infantry Harassment
Weight 4 tons
Armor 13/7/7mm RHA with 7 more on top
Primary Armament 60mm Bird Gun
Secondary Armament Tracks and body
Powerplant 3.1L I4 Diesel
Top Speed 50 km/h


The T-4 Mountaineering tankette was a development by the Nucleana Royal Armored Corps vehicle development committee after the first great war proved the validity of the tank concept. Another development from the Nucleana T-8 chassis, the T-4 as the name suggests halves the weight, at the cost of being extremely thinly armored and lacking a turret. A small oddity among the many light tanks and tankettes produced by Nucleana, the T-4 was originally designed as a large shotgun carriage for dealing with the rather violent geese that threatened the few golf courses of Nucleana, rather than being made for infantry combat. When the first war showed the effectiveness of large-bore shotguns against infantry, however, it was quickly put into service.


Carrying a 60mm Bird Gun in a hull mounting, the T-4 is little more than a shotgun carrier and occasional Avalanche Gun tug, though the low weight does allow it to reach extremely high speeds on the same engine as the T-8. As the Bird Gun is little more than a mortar being fed shotgun ammo, the T-4 can also carry 60mm high explosive mortar shells, turning it into an effective platform for the destruction of enemy machine gun nests and harassment of trench lines. The only let-down is the armor protection, which is enough to keep out small arms fire and little else.



  • Extremely light and fast
  • Powerful if inaccurate shotgun, dangerous HE shell
  • Very tiny target


  • Paper-thin armor
  • Bogey suspension means very poor handling on rough ground at speed
  • Completely ineffective against enemy armor


T-4 Mountaineering, MGC - Replaces the 60mm Bird Gun with a 20mm Hiram Heavy Repeater, primarily for infantry harassment use. High ROF, low penetration and damage.

T-4 Mountaineering, HMGC - Replaces the 60mm Bird Gun with a ROQF 1-pounder Pom-Pom, mainly for infantry and light vehicle harassment use. Known as the "Lil' Bastard" by it's crews. Low ROF compared to the Hiram Repeater, but marginally higher penetration and immensely higher damage due to the APHE shells it carries.