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T-20 Medium
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Designer Nucleana Royal Armored Corps
Role Heavy Breakthrough Tank
Weight 20 tons
Armor 50/30/20mm RHA with 15mm on top
Primary Armament ROQF 15-pounder field gun
Secondary Armament 12.7mm Hiram AT Repeater
Powerplant 2x 6.5-Liter I6 Diesels
Top Speed 37km/h


The T-20 Medium tank was a development by the Nucleana Royal Armored Corps vehicle development committee after the first great war proved the validity of the tank concept. Built to work in conjunction with the Nucleana T-5 Cavalry or Nucleana T-8 Infantry Light tanks, the T-20 is a heavy breakthrough design, sporting armor that can shrug off many anti-tank shells with ease while delivering a powerful punch in return. The long body allows it to easily pass over trenches of up to 3 to 4 meters wide without fuss.


The T-20 Medium was developed to fit the role of a self-propelled field gun and heavy breakthrough vehicle, used to blast holes in the front that vehicles such as the T-5 Cavalry can exploit with the 15-pounder ROQF 75mm field gun mounted in the turret. Boasting a powerful Armor-Piercing High Explosive shot, it can obliterate many of the light tanks and fortifications it may encounter, while dealing crippling blows to tanks of similar weight classes with ease.



  • Good armor and armament
  • Very good mobility
  • Powerful gun
  • Boiling vessel comes standard


  • Low top speed
  • Susceptible to infantry
  • Large silhouette