T-20 Medium
Gm redrock0019
Designer Nucleana Royal Armored Corps
Role Heavy Breakthrough Tank
Weight 20 tons
Armor 50/30/20mm RHA with 15mm on top
Primary Armament ROQF 15-pounder field gun
Secondary Armament 12.7mm Hiram AT Repeater
Powerplant 2x 6.5-Liter I6 Diesels
Top Speed 37km/h

Description Edit

The T-20 Medium tank was a development by the Nucleana Royal Armored Corps vehicle development committee after the first great war proved the validity of the tank concept. Built to work in conjunction with the Nucleana T-5 Cavalry or Nucleana T-8 Infantry Light tanks, the T-20 is a heavy breakthrough design, sporting armor that can shrug off many anti-tank shells with ease while delivering a powerful punch in return. The long body allows it to easily pass over trenches of up to 3 to 4 meters wide without fuss.

Purpose Edit

The T-20 Medium was developed to fit the role of a self-propelled field gun and heavy breakthrough vehicle, used to blast holes in the front that vehicles such as the T-5 Cavalry can exploit with the 15-pounder ROQF 75mm field gun mounted in the turret. Boasting a powerful Armor-Piercing High Explosive shot, it can obliterate many of the light tanks and fortifications it may encounter, while dealing crippling blows to tanks of similar weight classes with ease.

Characteristics Edit

Advantages Edit

  • Good armor and armament
  • Very good mobility
  • Powerful gun
  • Boiling vessel comes standard

Disadvantages Edit

  • Low top speed
  • Susceptible to infantry
  • Large silhouette
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