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T-16 Medium
Gm redrock0033.jpg
Designer Nucleana Royal Armored Corps
Role Breakthrough/Anti-Armor Tank
Weight 16 tons
Armor 55/40/40mm RHA with 20mm on top
Primary Armament ROQF 6-pounder AT gun
Secondary Armament 7.7mm Hiram Repeater
Powerplant 2x 3.1L I4 Diesels
Top Speed 25 km/h


The T-16 Medium tank was a development by the Nucleana Royal Armored Corps Vehicle Development Committee after the first great war proved the validity of the tank concept. Designed to supplement the Nucleana T-5 and T-8 light tanks until the T-20 could be produced in large quantities, it was Nucleana's first attempt towards a more protective tank design, sporting better armor protection all around and carrying a dedicated anti-tank gun in the ROQF 6-pounder. Powered by 2 3.1L I4 Diesel engines, the T-16 travels at a top speed roughly comparable to that of the T-8, slowly pressing across no man's land while laying down anti-armor fire.


Able to be viewed as an intermediate step between the T-8 and T-20, the T-16 sports heavier armor, capable of tearing through infantry charges and armor alike with the long-barreled turreted 6-pounder. Like the later T-20, it is a breakthrough design, trundling forwards to put holes into the enemy lines where possible, though the nature of the anti-tank gun's poor high explosive shot makes it difficult to properly remove fortifications and infantry. Still, it serves well in disabling enemy tanks, and the three Hiram Repeaters make mincing infantry child's play.



  • Good armor and armament
  • Decent mobility
  • Capable anti-tank gun
  • Boiling vessel


  • Low top speed
  • Susceptible to infantry
  • Large silhouette