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Renault FT
Gm islandrain v30079.jpg
Designer Société des Automobiles Renault
Role Grandaddy of all light tanks
Weight 6.5 tonnes
Armor 20/15/8mm
Primary Armament Puteaux SA 1918
Secondary Armament 7.62mm Hiram Repeater
Powerplant Renault 4.5L I4 petrol
Top Speed 10km/h


Following the end of the first great war, the nation of Nucleana made it a point to gather as much information regarding the recently-developed 'tank' as they could. The first tanks put into wide service with Nucleana's modest military were purchased copies of the Renault FT light tank, originally developed by France. Carrying a small 37mm gun and 7.62mm Hiram Repeater in a fully-traversable turret, as well as a trench tail, the Renault served as the grandfather of most of Nucleana's own tank designs during the interwar period.


It's a Renault FT, it has crisps for armor and moves as slow as a walking infantryman. One redeeming feature of the design in Nucleana hands is the inclusion of Armor-Piercing High Explosive ammunition, allowing it to better engage tanks and fortifications as well as infantry.



  • Small size and weight means easy transport.
  • Turret can turn 360 degrees
  • APHE rounds are dual-purpose.


  • Slow as escargot before it's escargot.
  • Armor is good enough to block a pistol round or two, not much more.
  • A shot to the arse and it goes kablooey.