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Mark V "Bess"
Gm islandrain v30096.jpg
Designer Maj. Walter Gordon Wilson, RNAS/ Nucleana RACVDC
Role Granddaddy of most other tanks
Weight 29 tons
Armor 20/15/15mm with 8mm on top
Primary Armament 2x ROQF 4-pounder guns
Secondary Armament 7.62mm Hiram Repeater
Powerplant 6.5L I6 Diesel
Top Speed 15km/h

Photograph taken c. 1921, credited to Norman G., depicting Bess in the foreground with a Renault FT parked behind.


Following the end of the first great war, the nation of Nucleana made it a point to gather as much information regarding the recently-developed 'tank' as they could. Among the Renault FTs purchased from France to develop it's armored forces, the Royal Armored Corps also were able to purchase a single Mark V tank, albeit one that was previously disabled in combat. Refitted with two ROQF 4-pounders in the sponsons, a single 7.62mm Hiram repeater in the front for the driver, and a new 6.5-liter I6 diesel engine taken from a Hornsby 4-ton tractor, the Mark V retained it's original name of 'Bess' and went on to inspire many of Nucleana's more experimental heavy tank designs.


Aside from the new armament and upgraded engine, 'Bess' is the same tank as she was when purchased from a farmer outside Cambrai. Built to cross trenches and allow advancing infantry cover and anti-barbed-wire support, the Mark V is an iconic tank, one found across all corners of the globe. In Nucleana hands, the 4-pounder guns allow it to take advantage of a powerful APHE shell, punching through 60mm of armor with ease and defeating any similar tank they might face. Unfortunately, Bess was quickly surpassed by time, and only remained in operable condition for parades after her rebuild.



  • Twin 4-pounders with 100 degree traverse arcs allow for full coverage to the front
  • Powerful APHE shells
  • Lots of track length for crossing trenches
  • Exposed engine in the crew compartment allows for the boiling of tea - the increase in morale of all crews that served inside Bess led to the inclusion of a boiling vessel on all Nucleanan tanks.


  • Even with a new engine, Bess is still slow
  • No ability to fire backwards
  • Relatively thin armor for such a large vehicle.