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M-24 Self-Propelled Heavy Siege Mortar
Gm redrock0031.jpg
Designer Nucleana Royal Armored Corps
Role Superheavy Siege Mortar
Weight 24 tons
Armor 50/30/20mm RHA with 15mm on top
Primary Armament 200mm ROBL Heavy Siege Mortar
Secondary Armament Deafening muzzleblast
Powerplant 2x 6.5-Liter I6 Diesels
Top Speed 37km/h

Not to be confused with the Nucleana A-24 Self-Propelled Artillery.


The M-24 Self-Propelled Heavy Siege Mortar was a development by the Nucleana Royal Armored Corps vehicle development committee after the emergence of the massive siege mortars employed by the German nation during the second great war. Constructed on the chassis of the Nucleana T-20 Medium, the M-24 much like the A-24 trades the 15-pounder field gun and 12.7mm Hiram AT repeater for a Royal Ordinance Breech Loading Heavy Siege Mortar in a sparsely armored turret with minimal traverse.


Following the advent of the German nation's 600mm superheavy siege mortars, Nucleana's RACVDC immediately pushed for a heavy siege mortar of its own, despite lacking proper equipment for targeting such a weapon accurately. Due to limitations known only to the Vehicle Development Committee, the weapon they were forced to settle upon with the M-24 was a 20cm mortar, a far cry from the German nation's 60cm guns. The smaller gun, however, does give the advantage of a faster rate of fire compared to the 60cm monster, as well as allowing it to be mounted to a preexisting chassis. The massive high explosive shell it fires allows it to entirely obliterate entrenched positions and seriously damage tanks as well. Despite international pressure, it is rumored that Nucleana is looking to modernize the M-24's ammunition options with both HESH and Atomic shells.



  • Colossal gun with a devastating high explosive shell
  • Astonishingly mobile for a siege mortar
  • Decent hull armor
  • Boiling vessel standard


  • Mind-numbingly slow reload
  • Mind-numbingly low shell velocity
  • Extremely limited ammunition load
  • Exceedingly narrow traverse arc