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A-8 Self-Propelled Field Gun
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Designer Nucleana Royal Armored Corps
Role Light front-line artillery
Weight 8 tons
Armor 35/30/30mm RHA with 20mm on top and gun shield
Primary Armament ROQF 15-pounder Field Gun
Secondary Armament 7.62mm Hiram Repeater
Powerplant 3.1-Liter I4 Diesel
Top Speed 24km/h


The A-8 Self-Propelled Field Gun was created by the Nucleana RACVDC after the call went out for an armored vehicle carrying the ROQF 15-pounder Avalanche Gun, intended to serve as a light artillery and anti-infantry piece that can easily follow with a charge of T-8, T-16, and T-20 tanks. Based on the chassis of the Nucleana T-8 Infantry, it retains the speed and handling characteristics, as well as the modest armor of the hull and the 7.62mm Hiram Repeater. The turreted 4-pounder was removed, and the base, gun shield, and most of the traverse systems from the standard mount for the 15-pounder were welded onto the hull in its place, giving the vehicle a very rough and simple appearance.


The A-8 was intended to primarily serve in the support role, acting as a mobile and versatile platform from which 15-pound high explosive shells could be lobbed ahead of a charge, and cut deep into enemy front lines with continued steady fire. The limited ammunition load of only six shells, however, reduces the A-8's effectiveness while unsupported, though the hull-mounted 7.62mm Hiram Repeater does afford it some anti-infantry abilities when out of shells for the main gun. As the A-8 shares the same gun from the T-20, the APHE shell from the larger medium tank can be utilized in this light artillerypiece, leading to many of the crews that operate it to refer to it as the AT-8. However, as Great Britain had also produced a much heavier and better-armored variant under that name, and it isn't an official name in Nucleana records anyways, use of that nickname is greatly discouraged.



  • Very powerful gun with decent high explosives and anti-armor performance
  • Decently mobile and steady chassis
  • Decent hull armor for an assault gun
  • Functional hull machine gun
  • A boiling vessel, naturally


  • Very low top speed
  • Open-top and exposed ammo racks allows for issues when infantry get around it
  • A limited traverse arc
  • Low ammunition load